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Expand Your Vocabulary 1 - Body Idioms

Match the two halves of the following body idioms. What do you think they mean? Are there similar expressions in your language?

1. as soft as...
2. a breath of...
3. the eyes are...
4. healthy body...
5. you scratch my back...
6. to get on...

to scratch - rascarse
mind - mente

Answers Check your answers.

Write one of the following idioms in each space to complete the sentences. Change the form if necessary.

as soft as a baby’s bottom
a breath of fresh air
the eyes are the window to the soul
healthy body, healthy mind
you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours
to get on (someone’s) nerves


1. I’m not going to be able to lower the price unless you increase your order. In other words, .
2. Our new boss is a lot nicer and more open than the last one. He’s full of new ideas too. He’s like in the office.
3. I can’t stand Dave’s new girlfriend. She’s always criticizing me and complaining about the way I do things. She’s really been .
4. You can’t concentrate and focus on your work properly because you’re drinking and smoking too much. You need to exercise more and lose some weight. You know what they say, “” .
5. I love my new jacket. The material feels .
6. I only have to look at you to see how much you love me. .
Listen to check your answers.
Listen again and repeat the sentences.

Answers Transcription.

Here are some more body idioms. Choose the best word or phrase to complete each sentence.

1. My boss turned a deaf once again when I asked her to raise my salary.
2. I thought they were going to catch him, but he got away by the skin of his .
3. I can't stand it when people talk about me behind my .
4. You've got to give him credit for keeping a cool and not missing the penalty.
5. I think you all deserve a pat on the for meeting the deadline this month.
Listen to check your answers.
Listen again and repeat the sentences.

Answers Transcription.

Complete the following sentences with the correct part of the body. Follow the example.



 · She’s so beautiful that every time I look at her she takes my away.

1. When the managing director’s wig fell off during the meeting I couldn’t keep a straight .
2. The shop assistant saw me take the shirt without paying but she turned a blind .
3. Since I started back after the summer holidays, I’ve been up to my in work.
4. Sorry about breaking your grandmother’s wine glass. I’ve been all fingers and this week.
5. I always get nervous before my first lesson with a new class. I can feel the butterflies in my .
6. I don’t believe you. You’re pulling my .
7. I asked her if she was pregnant, but she said she had just put on weight. I’m always putting my in it.
8. Don’t ask me about income tax and VAT. I can’t get my round anything like that.
9. I cooked my wife a lovely meal the other day. But when I took it out of the oven she turned her up at it.
10. Don’t hold your if you want Mike to buy a drink. Mike spending money is like getting out of a stone.

wig - peluca
blind - ciego
thumb -
butterflies - mariposas
elbow - codo
VAT (Value Added Tax) - IVA (Impuesto valor añadido)
Listen to check your answers.
Listen again and repeat the sentences.

Answers Transcription.

Use context in the above sentences to match an explanation to the idioms. Follow the example.

Example: To have butterflies in your stomach

1. To keep a straight face

2. To turn a blind eye

3. To be up to your neck in something

4. To be all fingers and thumbs

5. To pull someone’s leg

6. To put your foot in it

7. To get your head round something

8. To turn your nose up at something

9. To hold your breath

10. To get blood out of a stone

to have butterflies in your stomach

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Answers Check your answers


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