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Think about these questions before you read the following text.

  · What’s your opinion on tattoos?
  · If you like them, is there any part of your body on which you would refuse to have a tattoo?
  · Would you have a tattoo to advertise a company if they paid you a lot of money?

Read the text ("MAN SELLS ADVERTISING SPACE ON NECK") and answer these questions. (Ignore the gaps in the text).

1. On what part of his body is Mark going to get a tattoo?

2. What’s Mark’s job?

3. Where is the auction taking place?

4. Is Mark’s wife against the idea of a tattoo?

5. How much money is being offered for Mark’s tattoo at the moment?

6. Why does the kebab shop owner think that the tattoo will be good for business?

7. Why is Mark going to do a radio interview?

Answers Check your answers.


Now read the text and put the verbs in brackets in the most suitable tense. Follow the example.


Mark Hutson, A 32-year-old man from Hainault, Essex, (auction) the back of his neck as advertising space. The winning company will be able to put a permanent tattoo advertisement on the back of Mark's neck.

Mark (work) as an electrical sub-contractor and (run) crazy auctions and selling unusual products on the popular internet site eBay since 2003. He says this is the first time he has thought of selling advertising space on his body. Last year Mark (make) $7,000 on eBay and he (hope) to make internet auctions his full-time job.

His wife Sarah is totally supportive of his idea. “I think (be) quite sexy when it’s done” she said “especially if Mark (get) a lot of money from it.” When asked if it matters that the company name will be on his skin for life, Sarah replied “Only if it’s something silly like a sausage company or a brand of condom. Anyway, after a few months I’m sure we (get used to) it”

Companies have another 19 days to bid for the ad space, after which Mark (announce) the winner. “We (already/have) a lot of interesting offers since we opened the bidding.” said Mark. How much is the current price? “I (not/say) at the moment” replied Mark. “If people are interested, they’ll have to go online to find out, but I’m hoping that the price (double) by the time the offer closes in 19 days.

The first offer came from a local Kebab shop. “As soon as we heard that Mark (offer) ad space we wanted part of the action.” said owner Rajid Khan. “Just imagine the exposure our kebabs will receive when Mark goes to a football match and drinks in the pub at weekends.” he said.

Mark Hutson’s auction can (find) on the world famous auction site eBay his user ID is madmarkhuttie and you can also search for this auction by the auction ID which is 5657013788.

On the web site, Mark (state) that a local radio station, Sounds FM, (do) a live interview with him two days before the auction closes. During that interview he will tell the listeners who the highest bidder is and the name of the company.

neck - cuello
to auction - subastar
to bid - pujar

Answers Check your answers.

What do the following numbers in the text refer to? Follow the example.

Example: 32

1. 2003
2. 7,000
3. 19
4. 5657013788
5. 2

Answers Check your answers.

When referring to the numeral 0, British people would normally use "nought", "oh", or "zero", although "nil" is common in sports scores. Americans use the term "zero" most frequently; "oh" is also often used (though never when the quantity in question is nothing). Phrases such as the team won four–zip or the team leads the series four–nothing are heard when reporting sports scores.

In mathematics, science, and technical contexts:
· British English: Say "nought" or "zero".
· American English: Say "zero".

In temperatures:
· British English: Say "zero" to refer to freezing point (0° Celsius or -32° Fahrenheit).
· American English: Say "zero" to refer to 0° Fahrenheit.

In sports, for scores of 0:
· British English: Say "nil".
· American English: Say "zero" or "nothing".

When reading numbers in a sequence, such as a telephone or serial number, British people will usually use the terms double followed by the repeated number. Hence 007 is double oh seven.

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