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Before you listen to a short radio report on online selling, answer the following questions.

1. When and where did first start?

   a) 1990 in London, England.
   b) 1995 in Seattle, Washington.
   c) 1998 in Los Angeles, California.

2. How much did North Americans spend online last year on goods and travel services?

   a) two and a quarter billion dollars.
   b) fifty-nine million dollars.
   c) one hundred seventeen thousand million dollars.

3. In which year did Amazon first record a profit?

   a) 1999
   b) 2003
   c) 2006

4. What is PayPal?

   a) An Internet-based company that processes payments online.
   b) An Internet site for buying things by auction (subasta).
   c) An online trading company like Amazon.

Listen Listen to check your answers.


Listen Listen again, read the transcription and write the missing words. Use the pause button on your media player to give you time to write.

On July , nineteen ninety-five, a new book store opened in the American city of Seattle. No one steps to buy anything. Yet the store, if you could call it that, had last year of seven thousand million dollars.

Ten years ago, people bought things over the Internet. thought it was safe. Amazon-dot-com many people's .

Ten years later, an seven out of ten American adults have used a computer to buy something. Market researchers at comScore Networks online spending last year at one hundred seventeen thousand million dollars. That was for and services.

The person who started Amazon, Jeffrey Bezos, remains its . In the nineteen nineties he urged employees to help Amazon "get big fast." Yet Amazon invested in many similar businesses that .

Amazon lost plenty of money. It did not until two thousand three. Its most recent and report, released last week, was better than many market watchers had expected.

Today people can buy not just books and music but also many other products through Amazon. It with eBay, which celebrates its tenth birthday in September.

EBay calls itself "the world's online ." It does not sell anything. Instead, it provides a way for others to sell goods and services. People who want to buy something make competing offers through online auctions. Ebay to include several other businesses. These include PayPal, a company that processes online payments.

As online sellers , traditional stores saw the future. Today, stores from the smallest to the biggest sell on the Internet. These the biggest of all, Wal-Mart.


Listen Listen again and read the complete transcription.

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