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Before you listen to a conversation between two students, complete the conversation with the following words.


Terry: How’s things at college, Steph? Are you taking any new classes?

Steph: Yeah, I'm taking another really interesting course called Business and the Web. We're learning all about ,y’know, buying and selling on the Web, and also how new technology developments will affect the way we buy, sell and things in the future.

Terry: You’re bloody amazing. Steph! You’re always pushing yourself to learn new things and take more courses. So what’s this one about?

Steph: Well, I think it really is one of the most useful courses I've had so far. This term, we’re studying and how that's going to affect the development of Internet and eventually online business. We’ve had several lectures on the importance of mobile phones and several new kinds of computers and other electronic which are based on related technologies.

Terry: That sounds like really up-to-date stuff. What other areas will you be covering?

Steph: We're going to discuss Internet connections, like , which allow us to exchange information more quickly. And from there, we will focus on how Internet, TV, radio and telephone technologies are all starting to come together.

Terry: Yeah, I heard about that one on the radio. But how does that relate to online business?

Steph: As these technologies converge in the near future, a new high-speed will develop which will be perfect for the of products and services online. The marketing possibilities are endless.

Terry: Yeah, so is your energy. Do you fancy a coffee?

Steph: Come on then, I’ve got ten minutes before my class starts.

Listen Listen to the conversation and check.


Choose the best word or expression in the following sentences.

1. With a Internet connection I can download songs and films easily on the internet.

2. Luis and Craig are working on the of their new product. They have the infrastructure to get the product to their customers, but they’re not sure how to advertise it yet.

3. I bought my Mum a DVD player for Christmas. She takes it with her wherever she goes.

4. An Intranet is a computer connected , like a smaller version of the Internet, which helps communication and connects departments inside a large company or organisation.

5. The cost of in some countries is high because of the poor transport system.

6. Since my Dad installed a new ‘smart’ for home security, we’ve been burgled twice and had one fire.

7. When the Backstreet Boys play live in Liverpool next week, more than 100,000 people are expected to on the city centre.

8. Because of the advances in technology, more and more have Internet access.


Listen Listen and repeat the sentences.

ACH (automatic check handling): A form of electronic payment. Funds or payments can be transferred electronically in two ways: by wire transfer or through an automated clearinghouse.

Acquiring bank: The bank that provides an e-commerce business with its credit card processing account.

ADSL: A communications protocol for connecting computers and other electronic devices to a network, such as the Internet.

Affiliate Program: A popular website promotion tool where a website contracts with other websites for driving visitor to its site. The revenue is calculated according to the traffic brought by a particular website.

Browser: Software Application program required to access and read the websites on the Internet.

Business to Business (B2B): A business model for business on Internet. Popularly called as B2B, it includes ecommerce transaction between two business organizations.

Business to Consumer (B2C): A business model for business on Internet. Popularly called as B2C, it includes ecommerce transactions between a business organizations and an individual.

Chargeback: A chargeback occurs when a card holder disputes a credit card transaction with his or her credit card issuer.

Commerce server: A Web server that contains the software necessary for processing customer orders via the Web

Cookies: Small files that are automatically downloaded from a Web server to the computer of someone browsing a Web site

Digital signature: A digital code that can be attached to an electronically transmitted message that uniquely identifies the sender.

Domain Name: The unique name given to every website. It is used to physically locate a website over the Internet. (Example:

Ecommerce: A methodology used for executing business - either wholly or partially - over Internet or a network.

Hosting: A term used for storing and maintaining files, email or domains on a server that is connected with Internet.

Merchant Account: An online bank account required by a store to receive payments through electronic mediums like credit cards. It can be considered as a virtual bank account that receives electronic money.

Modem: Acronym for Modulator-Demodulator. It is hardware required to access Internet through a telephone line.

Network: Group of computers or devices connected with each other. A network is used to transfer data within the devices.

Order Tracking: The process of tracing the status of particular order placed by a customer in a web store.

Payment Gateway: A computer system that acts as a mediator between a merchant account and online storefront. Payment gateway is used in authentication of credit card information and real-time charging from a credit card.

PIN (personal identification number): An alphanumeric or numeric code used to verify the identity of an individual attempting to use a credit card, debit card, or other account

Secure server: A Web server or other computer connected to the Internet that is capable of establishing encrypted communication with clients

Shipping Provider: An organization that provides the services of physically transporting the goods ordered on the Internet, to the address specified by a buyer.

Shopping cart program: A software package that runs as part of a Web site to collect and record purchasing decisions by a visitor.

SSL: Secure Socket Layer. It’s a protocol designed for secure transfer of Information over the Internet.

Transaction fee: A charge for each credit card transaction

Website: A collection of files organized in a structure that can be read through a browser. The domain name given to a website is the unique identification of a website in the World Wide Web.

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