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Read part of a presentation by a sales representative of a major sportswear company, and complete the text with the correct form of the verbs in brackets. Follow the example.

..and while I (be) in Los Angeles, I (visit) a number of prominent sportswear distributors and suppliers and I (give) several presentations of our latest products. There (be) a great deal of interest (show) by American buyers in our new line of BUSTOP sports shirts and track suits. They all (comment) on our colour schemes and summer designs, and said that they (have) never (see) a design with such a positive impact. I (think) that BUSTOP (be) a winner for us both sides of the Atlantic.

The day before I (fly) back I (meet) the owners of Track Style and Winners, our regular retail outlets in L.A, and I (inform) them of our new discount plan on orders over $5,000. They (seem) very interested, but both clients (mention) our late delivery dates, and I know that’s something our export department (work) on recently. Anyway, erm… Halloways (promise) an order in excess of $15,000, but I (not/receive) the order yet.

Sammy Cohen of Marks Brothers (send) his regards. You may remember he came over last December and we (have) lunch together. He (have) some bad luck lately. He (close) his two main outlets in the centre and at the moment he (sell) from the five smaller stores in the suburbs. He (offer) to be a sales rep for us over there. I (not/know) what you think, but he certainly (have) some very useful connections in the L.A. fashion business, and he could (bring) in some lucrative new business for us.

Before I (move) on to talk about the East Coast, I’d just like (say) how prominent our brand is in the west of the States. Our TV and radio campaign for BUSTOP (help) our brand image enormously since we (launch) it last April, and I’m confident that third quarter sales on the West Coast (be) at least 18% up on last years figures.

Listen Listen to the sales representative and check your answers.


Listen Listen again, read the transcription and repeat the presentation. Use the pause button on your media player to give you time to practice.

In sales presentations what you say is as important as how you
say it. The final hurdle to clear in getting onto the short-list is often the sales presentation where you get the opportunity to influence all the key decision makers face-to-face. There is usually one opportunity and time is invariably tight, so the need to make a persuasive presentation, which hits the hot buttons of all those present is crucial.

Choose the best word for each space.

readers / marketing / deal / promotes / brainstorming

A sales letter is a tool that goods or a service. Its objective is to persuade the reader to buy what the letter offers. To be effective, its content must describe a particular benefit the reader will gain by making the purchase, such as a problem solved or a need fulfilled.

Before you begin, you should be familiar with what your sales letter intends to promote and the people you intend it to reach. This may require a little research and some , but without preparation your sales letter will be less effective.

Then decide on the features that best highlight the goods or service; identify its selling points.

Once you have made a selection, you must persuade the that the benefit of your offer outweighs the cost. In other words, convince them that what you have to offer is a good .


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