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Change the following sentences into the negative. There may be more than one possibility. 

 We agree with you.
 I think you’re right.
 I told him to shut up.
 We had a beer after work.
 We’ve already spoken to the police.
 You must take your passport with you.
 My girlfriend has always got something for me.
- Who would like another drink?
- Me! 

Answers Check your answers.

 Look at these question forms.

How + adjective/adverb

  How big is your flat?
  How often do you see your parents?

  What/which + noun

  What car do you drive?
  Which beer would you prefer, German or English?

Some times there is no difference between questions with what and which.
We use which when there is a limited number of choices.

  The shoes come in brown and black. Which colour do you prefer?

Prepositions at the end of questions

  Who did she get married to?
  What did you do that for?

Indirect questions

There is no inversion (the word order is the same as a statement) and no do, does or did in indirect questions.

  I wonder what the time is. (NOT X I wonder what is the time. X
  He wanted to know when I was leaving. (NOT X ……when was I leaving. X
  I don’t know where she works. (NOT X I don’t know where does she work. X
  Could you tell me where they live. (NOT X ……..where do they live. X

  When there is no question word (such as when, how, what, where etc.) use if or whether.

  Can you tell me whether you are going to work tomorrow?.
  I was wondering if your sister could lend me some money until the end of the month.

Asking for descriptions

What is …….. like? = Give me information about…….

  What’s your country like?
  What was the party like?
  What are your parents like?


  How was your trip?
  How’s your mother?
  How’s your new job?


Complete the questions in the following dialogues.

- I went to Lisbon for a few days.
- like?
- It was all right. I’d never been there before.
- with?
- A friend from work. She got food poisoning and spent two days in bed.
- Oh Dear. now?
- Much better, thanks.
- get on okay?
- No, not really. We argued a lot.
- ?
- She wanted to read her book all day, and I wanted to see the city.

- My mum’s in hospital.
- Really! wrong ?
- She fell over last week while she was out shopping.
- now?
- Not too bad. They’ve done some tests and we’re waiting for the results.
- she in?
- King George’s, the one near the motorway.
- How in hospital?
- Another couple of days at least.


Listen to check.

Answers Check your answers.

Complete the questions with a preposition from the box.

  1. Who does this 50 euro note belong ?
  2. Who are you going out ?
  3. I see you’ve got a present. Who is it ?
  4. What are you so afraid ?
  5. What kind of films are you interested ?
  6. What are you talking ?
  7. What is your country famous ?
  8. What the hell do you think you’re looking ?
  9. Who was that book written ?
10. What did you spend all your salary ?


Listen to check.

Answers Check your answers.

Write indirect questions. Follow the example.

Example: Who designed that beautiful building?
               I wonder who designed that beautiful building.

1. What's Cambodia like?
    I’d really like to find out .
2. Did Hemingway write 'The Old Man and the Sea'?
    I’m not sure .
3. What is it called in English?
    I can't remember .
4. How do you do it?
    Can you tell me .
5. What’s your current salary?
    Would you mind telling me .
6. How long has she been learning Chinese?
    I wonder .
7. What does your wife do for a living?
    I was wondering if you could tell me .
8. How important is that contract to the company?
    Can you tell me .
9. When was the film made?
    Nobody remembers .
10. Who did you go out with last Friday?
    I'd like to know .


Listen to check.

Answers Check your answers.

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