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Which of the following subjects could it not be a good idea to talk about when you meet business people for the first time?

The weather
Food and drink
Your country/city

Can you think of any more topics that could be discussed?

What would you say in the following situations?

1. You don’t hear someone’s name when you are introduced to them.
2. You refuse an invitation to go to a night club after a business dinner.
3. You are offered food that you hate.
4. You are introduced to someone at a conference.
5. You want to end a conversation politely.
6. You see someone you have met before, but you cannot remember their name.
7. You have to introduce two business colleagues to each other.
8. You arrive late at an important business meeting.

Listen to the following dialogues and decide which situation from the previous exercise (1-8) they refer to.

  a)   Listen     Answers
  b)   Listen    
  c)   Listen    
  d)   Listen    
  e)   Listen    

Listen again and read the transcriptions. Repeat the expressions and practise intonation.

a)   Listen  
b)   Listen  
c)   Listen  
d)   Listen  
e)   Listen  

- I had no idea your company deals in fresh salmon. How interesting!
- Yes….anyway I must be off now. Please excuse me. I’m expecting a phone call.
- Yes. of course. I’ll see you at dinner.

- That looks wonderful, but I’m completely full and I couldn’t eat another thing.
- Oh but you must try this, it’s a speciality.
- I’d love to, but I really couldn’t. Thank you anyway.

- I’m sorry I didn’t catch your name.
- Jerry Hargrieves. I’m here with British Gas.
- Nice to meet you Jerry.

- I’m terribly sorry. There was an accident on the motorway and a huge traffic jam. Please accept my apologies.
- That’s okay Kevin, we got your message. Please, take a seat.
- Thank you.

– Excuse me, but your face is very familiar. Have we met before?
- Yes, I think it was at the Barcelona conference last March.
- That’s right! Sorry, I can’t remember your name.
- It’s Peter. Peter Dawson.
- Julie Rice. Nice to meet you again Peter.

Match the following expressions with their meaning. Follow the example.

It's on me     Answers
Make yourself at home    
What's yours?    
Be my guest    
Help yourself    
Same again?    

Match the questions with the answers. Follow the example.

Have you been here before?     1º) Listen Listen to check

2º) Check Answers

How long are you staying?    
How long have you been here?    
Are you here on business or pleasure?    
Really? What do you do?    
Where are you staying?    
Have you been sightseeing yet?    
How's the hotel?    

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