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Take and Put

Some of the following expressions go with take and some with put. Choose take or put to correctly complete the expressions.

pressure on someone
my advice
a risk
in a good word for someone
someone in charge of something
my arm around someone
things easy
no notice
your work before your family
part in something
time to do something
a plan into practice
responsibility for something

Answers Check your answers.

Now complete the gaps in the following sentences with an expression from the previous exercise. Write the verb in the correct form.

1. - How was your first date with Caroline?
    - Not bad. We had a meal, saw a film, and when I took her home I her and kissed her.

2. When I left home and got my own flat I had to pay my own bills, do my own shopping, cleaning and cooking. I really my own life.

3. - Have you ever ?
    - Only soft drugs like hash and marijuana.

4. I told you not to buy an American car. You should have and bought Japanese or Korean.

5. Juanito bought shares in an oil company in Iraq. He big but he was lucky and it paid off.

6. My husband is always at the office. He comes home late and even works at weekends. He hardly ever sees the children. I wish he wouldn’t his family.

7. – How are things going at work?
    - My boss has the export department and I’m working a lot harder and more hours.
    - You should . You had a heart attack last year and the last thing you need is for your boss to _____________________.

8. There’s a leaving party for Frank tomorrow. It in my office at 3 o’clock and I hope to see you all there.

9. It to find the courage to ask Kevin out for a drink. When we got to the pub and started speaking he completely ignored me. When I told him I thought he was attractive he .

10. We’re looking for a new IT coordinator in our company, and the head of the computer department is a personal friend of mine. If you’re unhappy at your firm, I could and try to get you an interview for the job.

Answers Check your answers.

Listen and repeat the sentences.

Phrasal Verbs with take

Match the following phrasal verbs with take with their meanings. There is one phrasal verb that is used twice.

1. To occupy
2. To replace
3. To start doing
4. To employ
5. To resemble
6. To begin to like

Answers Check your answers.

Complete the following text with phrasal verbs from the previous exercise in the correct form.

My dad used to be a boxer when he was in his late teens and early 20s. He didn’t box professionally, but he had some success as an amateur. I suppose I him in this respect, because when I was 15 I karate.
I it immediately, and I was soon attending lessons 3 or 4 times a week and going on intensive training courses in the summer.
It all of my free time and when I wasn’t in school I was sparing with friends at the park or in my back garden or training at the local karate club.
The club was run by two twin brothers and because club membership had grown so quickly, they decided to a new instructor.
I had just got my black belt, so I applied for the position and I was thrilled when they . Within two years I had from the brothers on Mondays and Wednesdays and on these days I was running the club myself.

Answers Check your answers.

Phrasal Verbs with put

Match the following phrasal verbs with put with their meanings. There are three phrasal verbs that are used twice.

1. To increase weight
2. To postpone
3. Increase the price
4. Place on your body
5. Start something working
6. Cause to dislike

Answers Check your answers.

Complete the following text with phrasal verbs from the previous exercise in the correct form.

Our boss had the stupid idea of holding team meetings every Saturday morning, but luckily this weekend it have been until next week because she was out of the country.
That meant I was home by myself an enjoying a lazy Saturday. I got up around 10am and my dressing gown. It was cold in the flat because I hadn’t the heater yet.
It was time for a fried English breakfast. I hadn’t cooked myself one for ages because they’re quite fattening and I’d been a lot of weight over the winter.
I started reading the packet of sausages as two of them were sizzling in the pan, and I was suprised to see how much they’d the price. That didn’t , though, and I threw another one in the pan.

Answers Check your answers.



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