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Life hacks

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Life hacks

Kitchen hacks

Put a wooden spoon across a pan of boiling water and it won't boil over.

Making pancakes? put the batter in a clean ketchup bottle and you can pour the mixture easily into the pan.

Boil eggs with a teaspoon of baking powder and the shell will peel off more easily.

Put a small glass of water in the microwave when you heat up your pizza to stop the crust getting soft and chewy.

When chopping herbs, fold them in a small bundle to chop less and more easily. Freeze chopped herbs - either in ice cubes trays or loosely in a bag - you have just the right amount for every dish.

Chew chewing gum while peeling, cutting onions and you won't cry.

Household Order

Tie a knot in one of your earphone cords to remember which is left and which is right.

Stack your clothes vertically to see them all.

Your sunglasses make an excellent mobile phone stand.

Use a dustpan to fill a bucket or large container that doesn’t fit under the tap in your sink.

Put a machine laundry bag in your washing basket and get the family to always drop their socks there. Then you just put the whole bag in the washing machine and none get caught up in other loads and go missing!

Top Travel Tips

If you forget your charger on holiday, the TV in your hotel room usually has a USB port. Also, ask at reception, they usually have a bagful of chargers that guests have left behind.

In the summer, quarter-fill a water bottle and put it in the freezer. Fill it up with water before you leave home and you’ll have ice-cold water for hours. Also if you’re travelling - do this with 4 or 5 water bottles and they also serve as ice packs in your cool bag and you can leave the real ice blocks at home. Good when hiking!

Roll your clothes - they fit better in the case and you can see easily what you need. Stuff socks in shoes to save space.

Other tips

Get a carabiner and attach it to your keys. Clip these to your handbag chain or zip so you never have to rummage for your keys in your bag again.

Use a peg to hold a nail while you bang it in to prevent you from hitting your finger.

Pin important docs that you need to open regularly on your phone to the top of your whatsapp feed eg. boarding passes etc to open them quickly.

Use plastic bread tabs to label your cables and make it easy to find the end of a roll of tape.

Doritos are highly flammable and can help you start a fire.


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