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Old Wives' Tale or Effective Remedy?

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Old Wives' Tale or Effective Remedy?

Old wives’ tale a piece of advice or a theory, often related to matters of health, that was believed in the past but is now known to be wrong)

Heresy (information that you have heard but do not know to be true:)

vs heresy (the act of having) an opinion or belief that is the opposite of or against what is the official or popular opinion, or an action that shows that you have no respect for the official opinion:

Going against religion (the church) ‘They were accused of heresy.’

Popular folklore (A popular but unfounded belief.)

Onions on your ears

Tennis ball under your armpit

Rub a gold ring on a stye and turn around three times

Warm water, baking soda and lemon for a sore throat

Raw egg in sherry for a shock

Guinness to build you up after childbirth

Putting your clothes in the freezer to remove chewing gum or use an ice cube

Rub a penny on a bump or bruise

A cure for an attack of the hiccoughs/hiccups - drink a glass of water from the opposite side of the glass.

Eating carrots will improve your eyesight.

During the Second World War, sugar was scarce. The British Ministry of Food promoted vegetables in place of sweets. The Dr. Carrot advertisement was popular.
Also, when British planes shot down German planes with automatic targeting at night, the British said it was due to carrots to fool the Germans.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Just because it rhymes, doesn't make it true.

Reading in dim light damages your eyes. - It may make them tired and dry, but not worse!

Peeing on a jellyfish sting takes away the pain. You should remove any stinging tentacles with tweezers/gloves. Wash with salt water or take a hot shower.

Bulls hate the colour red.
Bulls, like cows, are colour blind. The Flag could be blue, green or purple. What attracts the bull is the cape moving.


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