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Uses of the Word Light

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Uses of the Word Light

Light meaning illumination = luz

turn on/off the light (pronunciation of light)
Bright light, dim light, Xmas lights
phrasal verb - light up (the sky, the room, my life)
at first light, hold sth up against the light, red light area
(compound nouns) light switch, light bulb, lighthouse, daylight, traffic light, headlight, brake light

poem: Star Light, star bright, first star I see tonight, wish I may, wish I might, have the wish I wish tonight. (share screen with the words of the poem).

Idioms with this meaning: light at the end of the tunnel / to be (or put somebody) in a good/bad light / to see the light

Light meaning not heavy / not severe / not strong = ligero

a light jacket, light bag, Coca Cola Light, light work, light exercise, light sleeper, light headache, light lunch, light industry, light breeze, light relief
Lightweight - (compound noun)
(compound adjectives) - light-fingered, light-headed, light-hearted
(adverbs) light and lightly - I travel light, he knocked lightly, to get off lightly, take something lightly

Light = claro (colour)
Light blue, light brown

Light meaning to give illumination/energy = encender

Eg: light a fire / cigarette. verb - to light (a fire, a cigarette) - it's an irregular verb: light-lit-lit
Give me a light.
Phrasal verb light up my life /sky/ room

Idioms: light my fire (Doors song) to come to light (revealed) / To shed light on
Speaking of songs with ‘light’ in the title, I only knew 4 or 5 of these

Idioms/vocab Quiz

“They’d been going out for five years before she finally saw the light and they split up”
a) she realised the relationship wasn’t going anywhere
b) she found religion
c) she had a premonition

If you are “light-fingered”, you are…..
a) very careful when you touch things
b) you have a tendency to take things that aren’t yours
c) you have slender fingers

The expression “on a lighter note” means
a. to write something down on paper quickly
b. to play a musical instrument very quietly
c. to be more humorous and not so serious

If you ‘get off lightly’ you
a. leave a bus, train or other means of transport without paying
b. kiss someone you are attracted to, but go no further
c. receive a less severe punishment than you expected

If you are out like a light, you are
a. unconscious or in a deep sleep
b. enjoying an exciting night out with your friends
c. trying to move around in a dark room

To ‘green light’ something means
a. to make it environmentally friendly
b. to approve it
c. To develop it specifically for military use

If you shed light on something, it means
a. you increase the amount of light in your home
b. make something that is heavy much lighter
c. reveal something that was previously hidden

(note: also ‘to come to light’)



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