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Let’s talk about the movies!

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Let’s talk about the movies!.

Films and movies are a shared cultural pastime around the world in all cultures - also a great way of listening to and exposing yourself to English so that’s what we’re going to talk about today.

Subtitles or no subtitles? What’s the best way to improve your listening skills?


What’s your favourite film genre and how many different genres can you think of in English?

Start sending us genres in the chat while we tell you about our top 3.

Which movie have you seen many times and never get tired of watching?

Have you ever walked out of the cinema in the middle of a film because it was so bad?

Most people say movies never do justice to the book version. Have you seen any films that were better than the book?

(For banner in case students haven’t come up with them)
Action / Animation / Comedy / Crime / Drama / Experimental / Fantasy / Historical / Horror / Romance (Rom-Com) / Science-Fiction (Sci-fi) / Thriller / Western / Documentary / War

If you could make a movie, what genre would it be? What would it be about?

This list is from Studiobinder - which says there are over 90 genres and sub-genres !


Why do we take time to watch movies? (explain difference between see and watch)
Why do we say, ‘Have you seen this film?’

Give us 3 reasons in the chat while we tell you why we do.

Escapism / Relaxation / Inspiration / Socialising / Somewhere to go / Hobby? / Interest in particular actors / directors / Learning another language / alternative to books / being able to talk about something in popular culture / sharing an experience with others

How do you decide which films to see?
Do you follow certain actors/directors?
Do you read reviews?
Use algorithms on YouTube, HBO etc?
Friend and family recommendations?


What do we love and hate about movies? Tell us in the chat

Meanwhile we can talk about some of this:
Famous actors / crappy acting / amazing performances / length / believable / unbelievable / realistic / unrealistic / too polished /happy endings / plot twists / clichéd scripts / complex plots / interruptions with ads / noisy surroundings /

If a film were made about your life, which famous actor would you like to play you?

If you had a job in film, would you prefer to be in front of the camera or behind it?

Will AI design entertainment tailored to us personally in the future?
(Which dead actors would you bring back to star in a tailor-made film)?

Where do we watch and with whom?

Movie theater / multiplex cinema / open-air cinemas / drive-ins / audience / cinema goers / cinema buffs / home cinema / streaming / renting / TV with ads

Is it better…
alone or with friends ? / With popcorn or without ? / Big screen or comfy chair? With or without sub-titles ?

How are we influenced by the cinema ?

How do you think the cinema influences you ? Answer us in the chat.

Memorable lines / looks and behaviours (eg we imitate/emulate our favorite characters) / how we see the world eg. history / how to deal with our problems / how to improve ourselves / how to avoid misfortune / inspiration /

Do you ever feel like you’re living a movie ?

Features of film

There probably won’t be time to discuss this but there is a lot more to talk about the cinema as an art form. We could talk about:

Memorable Scenes
Camera Angles
Script writing
Colour schemes in movies
Costumes and wardrobe
Special effects

And how a movie is all an illusion - nothing is natural in the making of one - it’s all manipulated but we willingly surrender to the illusion.


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