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Health and Fitness Part Two

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Health and Fitness Part Two

Is health and fitness important to you? Why?

Improving health and fitness often means changing your food and physical exercise habits. Do you pay attention to either?

We talked about food and healthy eating two weeks ago. If you missed it, go and check it out.



To be / get / keep fit
To be in shape / out of shape
a couch potato
To get out of breath
A workout, cardiovascular (heart rate), flexibility, stretching (to warm up / cool down)
Sport, extreme sport, gentle sport, team vs individual
TO DO an activity, TO PLAY A GAME, TO GO + VERB+ing
Exercise, gym (to do weights), walking, housework, dog walking, gardening (if you don’t have a garden, use the stairs not the lift), DIY, cycling as transport


Is extreme sport really healthy or too dangerous and obsessive?

Are the kinds of bodies developed in gyms with excessive exercise and food supplements good for your long-term health?

Are we too obsessed by fitness nowadays? Is it the sports industry that is pushing this or medical experts?

What are some popular fitness trends in your country, and do you participate in them?

How do you motivate yourself to exercise regularly, and what are some challenges you face in sticking to a fitness routine?

How can technology be used to improve fitness and health, such as wearable devices or fitness apps?

What are some benefits and drawbacks of group fitness classes, and have you tried any before?

Giving advice

Have you tried…
You could always….
Why don’t you….?
Whatever you do, don’t….!
If I were you…..


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