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Christmas Customs

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Christmas Customs

Your country’s customs

Do you celebrate Christmas? How?

Food - What’s your traditional Christmas dinner?
What’s your favourite Christmas food?

Gifts - When and how to you exchange presents?
What presents are you hoping for this year?
What’s the best/worst present you’ve ever received?

Music - church choir, Christmas carols.
What’s your favourite Christmas song?

Do you have a favourite Christmas film?

Does your family have any special customs or traditions that are different and specific to your family?

Do you know any Christmas jokes?

What goes “Oh, Oh, Oh”? Santa walking backwards!

What do snowmen wear on their heads? Ice caps!

Why is Christmas dinner in the UK different after Brexit? No Brussels!

What’s the difference between Ryanair and Santa? Santa flies at least once a year!

Which job would you least like to do at Christmas time?

Strange and unusual customs around the world

Kentucky Fried Christmas, Japan on December 25th

La Befana, Italy - a wine-drinking witch - January 5th. families across Italy leave out a glass of wine and a plate of sausages for ‘La Befana’, who comes down the chimney on her broomstick.

Venezuela, in Caracas - Roller Skating to Christmas Eve Mass

Sweden - The Yule Goat has been a Swedish Christmas symbol dating back to ancient pagan festivals. However, in 1966, the tradition got a whole new life after someone came up with the idea to make a giant straw goat, now referred to as the Gävle Goat. The goat is more than 42 feet high, 23 feet wide, and weighs 3.6 tons.

Can you tell us any more strange customs that you’ve heard of?

Are there any new customs that you would like to introduce?

• No Christmas songs in retail stores!
• More government help for the homeless.
• More information (comercialisation?) of other religious celebrations at this time of year? For example, what do you know about Kwanzaa, Rohatsu (Bodhi Day) and Hanukah?

Was this year better or worse than last year? How come?

What was the happiest thing for you this year?

Do you have any regrets about this year?

Are you going to make a New Year's Resolution this year?


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