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16 Useful English Expressions
with Daniel Goodson

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16 Useful English Expressions with Daniel Goodson

A slowcoach (slowpoke in U.S. English) – a person who does something slowly.
Come on, slowcoach, we haven’t got all day! (don’t have all day)

To go the extra mile – to do more than one is required to do
I was supposed to read one chapter but I went the extra mile and read the whole book.

Get a move on! – do something faster
Get a move on, Craig, or we’ll be late!

You don't say! – used either to express surprise or lack of surprise in a humorous and slightly unkind way
I scored 190 out of 190 on the FCE Exam
- You don’t say!

To be on the fence (about something) – to be undecided or neutral about something.
I’m still on the fence about which party to vote for in the next election.
I’m on the fence about travelling abroad.

I lost my train of thought – to forget about what I was talking about.
I conducted an interview with Craig Wealand and all of a sudden, I’ve lost my train of thought. I just rolled with it and asked him some irrelevant questions.

I ended up + gerund (doing) – to do something, or be in a situation, that was not planned or expected.
I was so tired last weekend that I ended up staying home.
What did you end up doing Saturday night?

Can I pick your brain? – to talk to someone in order to get helpful information or advice.
I want to set up a YouTube channel/podcast. Can I pick your brain how I should proceed?

Your guess is as good as mine – I don’t know either. I have no idea.
How do you say ‘live stream’ in Japanese? – Your guess is as good as mine.

Don't get me wrong – with this idiom you want to make sure that someone does not get an incorrect idea about what you are saying.
Alex, don’t get me wrong. I love dogs but 8 dogs are definitely a bit too much for me. Let’s start with one.

If you will - used to say that a particular expression is one way of saying something, especially to suggest that some people may not choose to say it that way. (if you will allow this analogy)

To make matters worse - To make an already bad, unpleasant, or difficult situation even more so.
I was really sad when my girlfriend broke up with me. To make matters worse, she did it by text message.

To nail something - to do sth. extremely well or successfully.
David nailed the FCE Exam. He scored 190 out of 190.

Easier said than done - not as easy as it seems
Making money online these days is easier said than done.

To wrap up – to finish
Let’s wrap up the live stream with one final phrasal verb.

To roll with it - to adapt to a situation despite unexpected circumstances or challenges.
I conducted an interview with Craig Wealand and all of a sudden, I’ve lost my train of thought. I just rolled with it and rambled. Nobody noticed. 


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