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Why did the Israelites worship the Golden Calf?

If a goblet can hold exactly two decilitres of water, how many goblets will fit inside a bottle holding one litre of water?

How many cats are there in a square room if there's a cat in each corner; each cat is flanked by a cat, and there's a cat opposite every cat?

A lawyer is asked to respond to a rather delicate point of law, namely, can a man legally marry his widow's sister?


A lorry driver, seeing a sign warning of a tunnel ahead, steps on the brakes. The sign states that the tunnel has an overhead clearance of four metres. The lorry, including the load, is 4.025 metres high. His cargo is way too heavy for him to shift, and he can't afford to waste time looking for an alternative route. How can he solve the problem?

Mrs. Jones was in London for a visit and stopped overnight at a small hotel. When midnight came along, she was still wide awake. Picking up the telephone, she called the room next door. Is that Mr. Williams ? she asked. No, it's not! replied the man curtly. Satisfied, Mrs. Jones rang off and immediately fell fast asleep. How can you account for this odd behaviour on her part?

Some football players are amateurs. All amateurs play without pay. Many of these amateurs play with great enthusiasm. Therefore:
All football players play without pay.
All amateurs are enthusiastic football players.
Some football players play with great enthusiasm.
Which of these statements is true?

A French soldier returned from the front lines with only one arm. In a test of his loyalty, Napoleon asked if he were willing to sacrifice his other arm for his emperor. The soldier replied Anything for my emperor, pulled out his sword and severed his other arm. Why is this an unlikely tale?