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A mountain climber is trapped in a blizzard. Luckily, he manages to find a cabin, but it's cold and dark inside. His gaze travels from his only match to an oil lamp, a wood stove and a fireplace, all of them prepared and ready to light.
Which does he light first?

At precisely one o'clock, James moves the little hand of his clock to where the big hand is and then moves the big hand to the little hand's place.
After all this moving about, what time is it now?

Night falls. The lights are turned on. There's no one at home except Mr. Davis and his wife. They're seated together on the sofa, reading. The clock strikes eleven. Closing her book, the woman turns out all the lights and goes up to bed. Her husband remains on the sofa in the darkness and goes on reading.
How does he do it?

How do Popes address one another?

You've got seven pears on your plate. If you remove four, how many pears will you have?

Mrs. Green does not like to be asked her weight. When cornered, all she'll say is that she weighs 60 kilos more than half of her total weight.
How much does Mrs. Green weigh?

If the only sister of the only brother of your mother has an only child, what is that child's relation to you?

Bobby and Sandy are both extremely fond of horses. One of them is quite rich, and owns more horses than the other. Bobby says that if Sandy were to give him two horses, they would then both own the same number of animals. If however Bobby were to give Sandy two horses, she would have twice as many animals as Bobby. How many horses do each of them own?