My favourite piece of furniture in my flat is my bed.
One of the things I like about it is that it’s horizontal. I couldn’t imagine sleeping in a different position.
My bed is a place that is separate from the rest of the world. It’s a refuge. It’s just so wonderfully comfortable. Just to lie in bed and relax after a long, hard day. I rest my head on a lovely soft pillow. I close my eyes and forget the noisy city.
Sometimes I read in bed. I’ve got a nice reading lamp on a bedside table next to the bed.
I think a lot in bed. I think about my day.
I think about the things I said to people during the day. And I think about tomorrow and everything I’m going to do.
It’s too hot here in Spain for a blanket or a duvet most of the time, so I usually have only a sheet on the bed. But in the winter when it’s cold, there’s nothing better than to go to bed early on a soft mattress and lie under a lovely, warm quilt. Maybe listen to the wind outside or the rain on the window. I feel incredibly safe and comfortable in my bed.
And nobody tells you what to wear in bed. You can wear whatever you like. If you feel lazy, or drunk, just go to bed with all your clothes on. If you feel hot, or romantic, take your clothes off and go to bed with nothing on.
There are days when I really don’t like leaving my bed in the morning. It’s so hard sometimes to get up from a lovely warm bed and start the day. Just 5 minutes more. Give me 5 minutes more in bed. Please!
And when you feel sick, where do you go? You go to bed. Your bed protects you. It looks after you until you recover.
My grandmother died in bed, and that was okay. She died peacefully one night in her sleep. And my family felt okay about that.

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