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 Rob was born in the UK and now he lives in Germany. Before you listen to him, read the following questions.

How many years did Rob live in Basel?


Does Rob speak positively or negatively about German bureaucracy?


  3 .
Rob describes German food as being


Rob describes German people as being



  Now listen to Rob and answer the above questions  Haz click para escuchar el listening


  Read some more questions about Rob’s interview. Can you answer any before you listen again?   Haz click para escuchar el listening

Which of the following does Rob NOT give as a comparison between Germany and the UK?


According to Rob, how long does it take to register in a new area of Germany?


How does Rob describe the weather in the parts of Germany he ‘keeps landing in’?



Rob describes ‘sauerkraut’ as


In Rob’s experience, people in a German village won’t be immediately open and friendly towards you because




  Now listen to the conversation and answer the questions. Listen as many times as necessary  Haz click para escuchar el listening

  Listen again and complete the following transcription. Use the ‘pause’ button on your media player to give you time to write.Haz click para escuchar el listening  

How many years have you been living in Germany, Rob?

I’ve been living in German speaking areas for about seven years. seven years. Erm..I spent…erm..about four years living in Germany the first time, or Giessen rather, and…near Cologne. And then we moved down to Basel for a couple of years, and now I live back up not from Cologne again.

How does life in Germany compare with life in the UK?

It’s more . It’s more organised. Streets are cleaner. Erm…the bureaucracy is a system that…’s one people laugh about a lot; Germany bureaucracy and and organisation…but the system does work.

So you can get things done. If you have go to the local government to get some papers, you can do it quite easily.

, yeah. To register in a new area is something that takes a half an hour. It’s very simple, very easy. You take along the papers you need, they get stamped and you again. It’s easy.

Sounds fantastic! Erm..what about the weather, the food?

Heh… depends on the area of Germany. The area I keep landing in is grey, relatively cold. It never gets really cold in winter, it never gets really hot in summer.’s quite like England, . But..erm..but southern Germany really’s beautiful and they have good heavy winters…lots of snow, degrees in summer…

Lot’s of skiing presumably..

They have..yeah.. lots of skiing in Schwarzwald….yeah, it’s…er..there’s a big across Germany.

How’s the food?

Heh..heh..heavy! Heh…the food is very heavy..erm..lots of pork, lots of cream sauces..on..on foods..erm…lots of… Bratkartoffeln …these fried potatoes, very fatty. Erm… sauerkraut..this pickled cabbage that’s’s terrible..

Heh..heh… haven’t
for it?

No, and I don’t intent to.

How would you describe German people..erm..
the Spanish and the Italians...Mediterranean people. How would they compare?

More . It takes a long time to get to know..erm..German people in comparison, I would say, peoples. They’re very direct. If you ask a..a direct question, however personal, you might be told ‘that’s none of your business’, or you might be given a fairly complete answer. They won’t go…they won’t talk around the subject. They’ll tell you what they think.

So, quite direct.

Very direct. Erm..and that can be…as a Brit moving to Germany that can be quite to start with.

But you obviously feel comfortable with that.

I like it because you know exactly where you . And..there’s..there’s no bullshit, you get exactly what..what the person thinks.

Is it easy to get get to know…to meet people if you go out socially. Are they
and friendly and open?

It depends. You move into a new village, then it will take a good six months or so before people start to speak to you. They want to , they want to come to their own decision about you first. Erm..once they decide that actually you're not too bad, erm..then.. once..once they decide they like you then they mean it..erm…and then you’re really there.

  Now check with the complete transcription   Haz click para escuchar el listening

  Listen to the conversation again and read the complete transcription.   Haz click para escuchar el listening


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