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Haz click para escuchar el listening Listen to Betsy speaking about her project and choose the best answer.

1. Betsy started
a business painting houses.
a non-profit organisation to help the environment.
a science magazine.

2. Betsy’s project is
a wonderful success.
not successful at the moment.

3. The project was started
in the Detroit area of Michigan
in Canada
in the state of Ohio.

environment = medio ambiente
paints = pinturas
mattress = colchón

Now read the following transcription, listen to Betsy again and choose the correct word.

- I’m here with .. er.. Betsy .. erm.. who’s from America. Hello Betsy, welcome to Mansion Inglés.

- Hi! Thank you very much. A to be here.

- Thank you. I’d like to ask you about.. erm.. your business plans for opening a business in Ann Arbor.
Erm.. why did you decide to do that? And can you tell us.. erm… what your plans were?

I had come back to Michigan to found a non-profit called Locomotion to raise awareness about links between environmental toxins and things like cancer. And I did that for three years. And what people really wanted wasn’t so much the science, they wanted immediate strategies to reduce toxins in there .

- And what sort of toxins are we speaking about here?

- Hmm…airborne, from all the manufacturing around Detroit, or waterborne, you know whatever seeps into the water table. Things in consumer . I thought if I open a store and provided a variety of paints, for example, with no volatile compounds, or adhesives, or mattresses that didn’t off gas, flame retardants, that they .

- And are people a..aware of these dangers society by these products, or is it something new?

- Well… I think it’s kind of not so new but not everybody’s aware of it, which is why, having spent three pounding everybody on the head about it.. erm.. they were more or less ready. I thought.

So, where do you go from here, w..what are your plans f…for the future? As far as this is concerned. Are you just drop it?

- I’m put it on the shelf and wait until I meet the right person or people with the same interests, and who would be capable of giving me financial .

Okay well good luck for the future.

- Thank you so much.


 Transcripción Completa

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