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  Listen to the dialogue and chose the best answer.Haz click para escuchar el listening

1. The woman is complaining because 

2. The man agrees to look at the car if 


3. Finally the woman agrees 


Listen again and answer the following questions.

1. Where exactly is the turd?

2. How much does the man weigh?

3. How long is the turd?

4. Who are running away from it?

5. Does the conversation end in a friendly way?

Listen again, read the transcript, and try to write the missing words in the spaces. Sometimes the missing words are repeated two or three times.

-Thank you for calling Hesner’s T. Towing. How may I help you?
I just picked up my ’92 Accord from your lot, and there is a huge turd in the .
-A huge turd?
-And there’s…there’s what in the back seat?
-A..a.. turd. A piece of..a big-assed
human turd in the back seat of my car.
-Ma’am I you our guys do not take a dump in your car. If you want to bring that car back and we’ll a look at it.

-You..oh you wanna
take a look at it? My car is fine, it’s that big-assed turd in the back seat.
-Okay, what would you like me to do?
-I ...Okay, how about I go over to your
house and piss a loaf on your couch? How about that?
-Ma’am, what would you like me to do to fix the situation?
-I want somebody to
come over here, get this turd off my back seat…
-That’s not going to happen.
-…leave….my car…What do ya mean ‘that’s not going to happen’?
-You can bring the car here and we can take a look at it.
-I am. I’m gonna bring it back there, you know what I’m gonna do? I’m gonna take a dump in every car you got there. I’m gonna pee on your counter. I’m gonna do it all.
-Okay ma’am.
-Show you how it feels.
-Okay ma’am.
-Y’know what? You sound like a big burly man, it came out your ass.
-Oh..yeah..I…I…I don’t make it a of going out and taking a dump in the car.
-How much do you weigh?
-Er..about four hundred pounds.
-That’s your turd. That’s your…
-That’s my turd huh?
-It came from a four hundred pound man, huh?
-That’s from a four hundred pound man. that or a gorilla. I’m driving this car right to my lawyer’s office, and I’m gonna let the whole world see…you gonna be on the this evening buddy. I’m gonna get Seven on my side, watch. You gonna be on the .
-Can you describe the…the…the I mean, what does it look like?
-You know what it is, it came out your ass. What the hell is…what kind a..asking me what color. I tell you what, it ungodly, that’s what it like. It like you sold your ass to the devil…that came from the pits of hell. 
-Well, how big is it? How long is it? 
-It’s about as long as my arm. I don’t think it’s fun….why y’all…this is not funny. I got a damn two by four in my back seat. Y’know I think…I think this is a racial shit too. That’s what this is…uh-huh. Little kids are running away from it. I’m glad y’all find this funny.
-Er…wha…you probably piss on the steering wheels too, don’t you?
-Alright, alright. How…how long does it look like it’s been sitting there?
is coming off of it, Okay?
-Ste… is coming off of it?
-I am taking…’s a fresh turd.
-Okay. What you need to do is you need to bring that turd back, and we’ll match it up, we have a line up, we’ll match it up with the turds that we have.
-Well what you need to do is learn how to use a .
-Are you saying that you’re not gonna bring the turd back to me?
-No. You know what?
-Just a ?
-No. I’m starting to like it.
-You gonna keep it as a pet?
-I gonna keep it, ‘cos it’s a nice lo….you know what? It’s a nice piece.
-Okay, cool.

 Transcripción Completa 

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