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Innes, who is from London, speaks to La Mansión del Inglés about English cuisine. Before you listen, read the following questions and try to predict the answers.

1. What type of foreign food is popular in England?

2. Which two typically ‘English’ dishes are Innes's favourite?

3. Is fish and chips expensive in England?

4. When is the best time to eat an Indian curry?

Now listen and write the answers to the questions.  Haz click para escuchar el listening


Now, read the following questions.

1. According to Innes, in what way is English food different now than it was before?
2. What two things do pork pies mainly consist of?
3. True or false, ‘Black Pudding’ is a sausage with blood inside?
4. Why is fish and chips expensive?

Listen and write the answers.Haz click para escuchar el listening


Listen again and write the missing words in the following transcription. Use the pause button on your media player to give you time to write.Haz click para escuchar el listening

- M.I. Innes, welcome back to Mansion Ingles. Today I’d like to ask you about food.

- Innes. Yeah gladly, fire away.

- M.I. English food…erm… has a of not being very popular . What do you think on that subject?

- Innes. It’s definitely an acquired taste,..erm… certainly now …tha…the food in England’s much more .. err .. the … the Indian ..em .. influence, the Chinese, .. th .. the Italian, all of this type of now being introduced in England and has part of our culture as well.

- M.I. But if we limit it to English food only, what’s your English…er…dish, Innes?

- Innes. Personally, .

- M.I. Do you make them at home?

- Innes. no…’s... it’s a special…er…mix of…erm… pretty much the off cuts of pork, mixed into a pastry base.

- M.I. Well that sounds . Are there any other types of food that you like from England? 

- Innes. pudding is particularly nice.

- M.I. And please tell us. What is black pudding?

- Innes. Black pudding is a type of, shall we say a ,…erm..made from…er…congealed blood from bulls.

- M.I. I see. And the good old English fish 'n' chips is still popular, Do you like it? 

- Innes. Very much so. Erm … now the cod stocks have been er…have been and the price is very no, if I…if I can afford it, very much so.

- M.I. And what is your favourite food?

- Innes. It would have to be , after the pubs shut.

- M.I. Well, thank you very much.

- Innes. Thank you for asking me again Craig.

Try to find words and expressions with a similar meaning to the following:

1. reduced
2. close (verb)
3. combination
4. pieces not usually used
5. particular kind of food
6. especially
7. Quantity/amount
8. varied and free from national limitations
9. speak to me
10. appreciation from experience

 Transcripción Completa 

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