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Listen to Harry and tick the jobs that he's done in his life. Haz click para escuchar el listening

Supermarket manager     
Sandwich bar owner     
T.V. personality           


Before you listen again, read the following true or false (verdadero o falso) questions.

1. Harry left school in 1956.

2. Harry worked in Covent Garden fruit market.

3. Harry worked as a canned food salesman for seventeen years.

4. Harry had a sandwich bar for five years.

5. The tobacconist's was in the centre of London.

6. Harry drove the South African High Commissioner after driving T.V. personalities.

7. Nelson Mandela drove Harry during a state visit.

8. One of the worst jobs that Harry has had was the electrician's apprentice.

9. Harry is happy he left school early.

10. Harry thinks that everyone should be happy with their lives.

Listen again and answer true or false. If the statement is false, write the correct answer. Haz click para escuchar el listening


Listen again and write the missing words in the following transcription. Use the pause button on your media player to give you time to write. Haz click para escuchar el listening

Harry, welcome to La Mansión del Inglés. You’re a retired man now, but you've had a very interesting and life. Tell us about some of the jobs you've had over the years.

I left school when I was fourteen years old. That was in 1946. It was exactly one year after the Second World War.
I work as an electrician's apprentice, and after that I went into a selling career. I started selling in the famous Covent Garden fruit market in London. It was very different in those days. The market foreign fruits from all around the world.

I left the market and joined a canned food company. They were, in fact, the largest packers of canned fruit and in the whole of Europe. They sold their products to the large supermarkets in England. I was with them for seventeen years. I then decided to leave and start up my own business. I bought a shop in Ilford and we sold , cigarettes, sweet and . From there, after five years, we opened up a sandwich bar which was right in centre of London. We only had that for two years.

From there I to start up my own business in car hire, and I was really…. it was really interesting. I drove many famous T.V. personalities; and from there I went to the South African High Commission in London, and was for driving the High Commissioner.

Which job did you most enjoy, Harry?

I think, the last one, driving the High Commissioner, because it was very varied and it was different. The people I met were so interesting. For example, I..I drove Nelson Mandela when he came over on a state visit to England. I also many other important politicians and during the time at the High Commission I met some very interesting people.

And which job did you hate the most, Harry?

I think, possibly, the one in my life, for instance, the electrician's apprentice. I didn't enjoy that too much. When I first started selling, I didn't enjoy the jobs very much . It was at the end of my working life when I was driving and came into contact with famous and interesting personalities that I really enjoyed myself.

And finally, looking back on your working life Harry, is there anything that you would change?

The one thing I would change, and it’s a thing, and that is that I wish I had studied more at school, I wish I had improved my educational level, but there were why I had to leave school at fourteen, and at the end I suppose one must look back on their life and be thankful for what they've done and what they've achieved.

Check with the complete transcription.

 Transcripción Completa 

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