2. They didn't like the film.
3. They worked on a farm.
4. Did you work in this factory?
5. Where did you live?
6. I didn't like Tokyo
7. Did he play the guitar?
8. I didn't study French
9. They hated waiting
10. Did your son study here?

1. He his motorbike when he suddenly felt ill.
2. We the television when it suddenly stopped working.
3. When the ambulance came they him inside. 
4.  I to the radio when the phone rang.
5. When I arrived, they hello but continued studying.

1. The report is finished.
2. Angeles cannot find her keys.
3. Where is Ruben?
4. I have a new camera.
5. She isn’t here at the moment.
6. The flat is dirty.
7. I don’t remember your name.
8. His leg is broken.
9. Carolyn has a new baby.
10. The pope is dead.

1. I’ve lived in Valencia five years.
2. Angeles and I have known each other 1998.
3. I haven’t eaten anything breakfast.
4. My parents have been married more than fifty years. 
5. Israel has been an independent country 1948.
6. I’ve been really busy. I haven’t been out about two weeks.
7. We haven’t seen Luis and Manoli last Tuesday.
8. Graham has had his Porsche nearly a year.
9. Danny has been in Michigan two years.
10. I haven’t had a good steak ages.

1. Graham has had a Porsche for two years.
2. Deek has been studying German since 1999.
3. Luis and Craig have been working on La Mansión del Inglés since 2001.
4. Cathy has been in Cuba for three weeks.
5. Tom has been playing the saxophone since last March.
6. Craig has been teaching English since 1991. 

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