- Elige el significado correcto. 
1. after
2. behind
3. above
4. through
5. up
6. under
7. between
8. about
9. with
10. from
Lee las siguientes frases, y escribe otra frase con un significado parecido a la primera. Sigue el ejemplo.
You must drink water to live. / You can’t live without drinking water.

1 He plays football very well.
He’s good at .
2 She wouldn’t let me pay the bill.
She insisted on .
3 I appreciate the money you lent me.
Thank you for .
4 Is golf the only sport you play?
Besides , are there any other sports you play?
5 It took me two years to learn to swim.
After two years I succeeded in .
6 I don’t intend to change my job.
I have no intention of .
7 Craig was a farmer before he became a teacher.
Craig was a teacher after .
8 I had a shower after I played tennis.
I played tennis before .
9 The flat was expensive, but we bought it.
In spite of , we bought the flat.
10 ‘Why don’t we go for a pizza?’ said Ruben.
‘How about ?’ said Ruben.
‘Do you feel like ?’ said Ruben.
‘What about ?’ said Ruben.

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