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Choose the best explanation for each animal idiom. Consulta el Diccionario Online Consulta el diccionario

1. Pepito’s as slippery as a snake.
a) He moves around smoothly and quietly.
b) He uses too much hair oil.
c) He should not be trusted.
d) He’s shy and quiet.

2. When Pepito’s wife left him it was the straw that broke the camel’s back.
a) The thing that made him an alcoholic.
b) The thing that finally pushed him over the edge.*
c) The thing that began his unnatural relationship with animals.
d) The thing that convinced him to visit Egypt.
*over the edge = sobre el límite/por encima del límite

3. Pepito’s wife never lets him do what he wants and as a result he leads a dog's life.
a) He eats what he can
b) He never sleeps
c) He has an unhappy time
d) He goes everywhere on foot

4. Nobody makes a monkey out of Pepito.
a) makes him jump up and down
b) makes faces at him
c) makes him spend his money
d) makes a fool of him

5. I don't honestly think Pepito is capable of being polite as a leopard never changes its spots.
a) people always complain
b) people are sometimes unpredictable
c) people never change
d) people often shout

6. Pepito let the cat out of the bag when he told everyone about the party.
a) He made everyone really excited
b) He took the credit for having a wonderful idea
c) He had the courage to do something that nobody else could
d) He told something that was supposed to be a secret

7. Pepito's got a very sweet tooth and he always takes the lion's share of the cake.
a) the last portion
b) the smallest portion
c) the first portion
d) the largest portion

8. I really don't know how to explain it as I am completely foxed.
a) I’m absolutely sure
b) I’m absolutely convinced
c) I’m absolutely confused
d) I’m absolutely curious

9. Pepito doesn't like getting too tired so he gets his assistant to do all the donkey work.
a) academic work
b) artwork
c) homework
d) hard work

10. Pepito doesn't have much of a social life because he's a bit of a lone wolf.
a) Pepito is a person who prefers to be with animals
b) Pepito is a person who prefers to be alone
c) Pepito is an unhappy person
d) Pepito is a person with a lot of body hair.

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Making Presentations

Choose the correct group for each expression. Consulta el Diccionario Online Consulta el diccionario

Could I draw your attention to this graph.
As you all know…
If you look at this diagram, …
Well, that’s all I have to say. Thank you very much for your attention.
If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.
Thank you very much. Any questions?
Let me introduce myself. My name’s….
I’ll be happy to answer any questions at the end.
Looking at this year’s profits, we can see here that…
Good morning everyone.
I’m sure you are aware that…

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