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Complete the sentences by writing the verb in the correct tense. Consulta el Diccionario Online Consulta el diccionario

1. We a fantastic time until the police came and broke up the party.
2. Please don’t come round between 3 and 4 in the afternoon. We a siesta then.
3. Don’t you think it’s time we bought a new bed? We this one for nearly 15 years.

1. My wife earns a pretty good living. She medical supplies to private hospitals and clinics.
2. I regret not buying that second hand electric guitar on eBay. It by now.
3. If no one offers to buy our flat, it by auction at the end of the year.

1. “I’m really busy today. I don’t think I’ll be able to get a refund on that coat I bought.”
- “Don’t worry darling, give me the receipt and I it back for you.”
2. My daughter’s so selfish lately. Yesterday she came in from work, something to eat, changed her clothes and went out again without even speaking to me.
3. I saw a terrible accident the other day. A young boy fell off his motorbike and to hospital in an ambulance.

1. We didn’t use the tent the first night on the Camino de Santiago. We were so tired that we checked in to a hotel for the night. We for 12 hours.
2. My granddad now. He had the hip replacement last month and came our of hospital last weekend.
3. “How did you get from the hotel to the exhibition?”
- “I . It only took about 15 minutes.”

1. If everything goes to plan, I all the countries I want to by the time I’m 55.
2. I’m sorry, I can’t make it for lunch tomorrow. therapist at 1 o’clock.
3. Charlie got the sack last week. He taking money out of the cash register.

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Choose the best words to complete the following sentences. Consulta el Diccionario Online Consulta el diccionario

1. You can save power if you put your electrical devices on mode.
2. When you fly, you can save time by using the airline’s online service.
3. Bad decision-making was their . It’s unlikely that they’ll be able to increase their market share to what it was two years ago.
4. Samsung has made a bid for Nokia.
5. According to FHM men’s magazine, Britney Spears is making a . Her 14-day tour of Kazakhstan has received rave reviews.
6. Everyone should go to the dentist’s every six months for a .

You can save power if you put
your electrical devices...

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