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Complete the following sentences with like or as Consulta el Diccionario Online Consulta el diccionario

1. You should try this paté made from frogs and snake heads. It tastes just chicken.
2. My mate Kevin works an English teacher in Vietnam.
3. ……and when he found out that ‘she’ was a actually a ‘he’, a ladyboy, he came running out of the room a madman!
4. I can’t believe you’re buying an Apple Mac Book Pro. I though you were a Windows PC guy, me.
5. No, you’re doing it all wrong! Let me show you. Look, you do it this.
6. I think I’ve heard this song before. It sounds Black Eyed Peas.
7. I went out for a few beers and a curry with Bob last night. It cost me a bloody fortune! Bob didn’t have any money usual.
8. Selling stuff on eBay is fine just a hobby or to make a bit of extra cash, but you can’t make a living out of it.
9. I used her bra a catapult and killed two birds with one stone.
10. In my opinion, some hobbies horse riding, skiing and wind-surfing are more trouble than they’re worth.

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More Gerunds and Infinitives

- Some verbs in English are followed by infinitives and some by gerunds.
    I want to say thank you for the lovely flowers. (want+infinitive)
    I enjoy going out for a meal every couple of weeks with my wife. (enjoy+gerund)

Look at the following verbs and decide if they are usually followed by gerunds or by infinities. Follow the example. Consulta el Diccionario Online Consulta el diccionario

1. offer
2. happen
3. refuse
4. mind
5. hope
6. remind
7. admit
8. agree
9. suggest
10. deny
11. consider
12. promise
13. threaten
14. appreciate
15. warn
16. afford
17. advise
18. help

Learn more about gerunds and infinitives in
our grammar section and intermediate course

offer = ofrecer
refuse = negarse, rechazar
remind = recordarle
suggest = sugerir, proponer
deny = negar
threaten = amenazar
warn = advertir
afford = permitirse (el lujo de), proporcionar


Consulta las soluciones

Write the verb in brackets as a gerund or an infinitive to complete the following sentences. Consulta el Diccionario Online Consulta el diccionario

1. He advised me (wait) until next June before taking the FCE exam.
2. The British government denies (sell) chemical weapons to Libya.
3. They suggested (have) dinner in a little Italian restaurant round the corner.
4. My boss agreed (extend) my contract for another year.
5. Pepito admitted (steal) the money.
6. We can’t afford (buy) a new car.
7. Would you mind (give) me a lift to the station?
8. Did you happen (see) what’s on the agenda for the next meeting?
9. Did Susan remind you (get) a bottle of wine on your way home from work?
10. I really appreciate (be) given an appointment at such short notice.
...taking the FCE exam

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