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Match the phrases to form some popular English idioms. Consulta el Diccionario Online Consulta el diccionario

1. The road to hell is paved
2. There's no smoke
3. There's no substitute
4. There are plenty more
5. Time and tide
6. There's more than one way

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Find one word that completes all three sentences and write it in the gaps. Consulta el Diccionario Online Consulta el diccionario

a) Some people say that there is an extremely line between love and hate. What do you think?
b) I found a piece of paper on the windscreen of my car yesterday that said "parking '. So that was nice!
c) The weather was terrible the first day, but then the sun came out and it was for the rest of the trip.
a) Don't forget to add a of salt before you mix it all together.
b) There's a knock-on effect during a recession, which means that nearly everyone begins to feel the sooner or later.
c) Don't leave your mobile in your back pocket. Someone will it.
a) When the judge pronounced sentence, the accused didn't an eyelid.
b) A racquet usually has strings and is used for tennis, badminton, squash etc. Whereas a is usually made out of wood, such as for baseball and cricket.
c) I think that sonar technology was based on the which is why they can fly in the dark and live in caves. I don't think they actually suck blood though.
a) How much should I leave as a in a British restaurant? Is it 10% or higher?
b) What's the name of the actress who was in The Silence of the Lambs with Anthony Hopkins? Her name's on the of my tongue.
c) Take a from me; if it works, don't fix it!
a) I think I'll go to the gym for a of exercise.
b) I don't see what he sees in her, but she seems to have cast a over him. He does absolutely everything she says.
c) I'm sorry, I didn't catch your surname. Could you it out for me please so that I can write it down.

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