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Complete the English translations. Some words have been written to help you.


¿Cuál es su dirección de email?
email ?

¿Podría enviarme algunas de sus folletos?
me your ?

¿Me podría dar información sobre el nuevo modelo, por favor?
, please.

Muchas gracias por la información.

Le agradezco mucho su ayuda.
grateful .


Le pido disculpas por la equivocación.
apologise .

Lo siento, pero su envío se ha retrasado.
, consignment.

Lo siento, pero no puedo ayudarle.
, can't .

Le pido disculpas por las molestias.
apologise .

Lo siento, no hablo Español muy bien.
, English .


Listen Listen Listen and repeat.

Read the following job advertisements and match them to the following job list. Follow the example.

Advertising Executive / Salesperson / Research and development (R&D) manager
Clerk /
Computer Operator / Chief Accountant / Personnel manager / Receptionist

Experience is required in the above-mentioned software. More specific IT training will be given to the successful applicant.

You will take charge of financial control in all aspects of daily operation and report directly to the managing director.

This position will put you in charge of a team of highly creative and motivated individuals. Together you will deliver new quality products in addition to improving and expanding our existing range.

This post demands particular responsibilities for selection and recruitment. Communication skills and an ability to work as part of a team are essential.

Duties include answering emails, supplying information over the phone, relief reception and other general office work.

We are looking for an experienced, presentable and hard working applicant who will be happy working as part of a team. Our package includes an excellent basic salary, commission structure and company car.

It’s important that you give our clients a first impression of efficiency, style and professionalism. Duties include the operation of basic software applications, telephone appointments and a working knowledge of French and German.

You will be in charge of some of our agency’s top accounts. Responsibilities include the administration of local and national promotions and client liaison.


Choose the most suitable word for each sentence.

1. If you pay too much tax you get a at the end of the year.

2. Lawyers are getting ridiculously high.

3. Our factory has increased by 12% in the last twelve months.

4. After a very marketing campaign, sales increased by 20%.

5. Sally’s a very secretary. She’s organized, plans ahead and runs things very smoothly.

6. The train from Madrid to Valencia takes about three and a half hours.

7. John’s gone on another business to Lisbon.

8. I’ve put in a claim for last month’s and hotel expenses.

9. Most banks have at least one in major towns and cities.

10. There are now four companies in the group, and each one trades under its own name.

11. Does your company have a department or a Human Resources Division?

12. I don’t believe in mixing work with my life.

13. We would like to you that payment should be made in full before the end of the month.

14. Did you to send that fax to the shipping agent?


Complete the table. Follow the example.

share option scheme / bonus / expense account / salary / low-interest loan
company car / private medical insurance / commission / wages / overtime


Complete the following sentences with words and expressions from the previous exercise.

1. My new company offers for all the family, so I won’t have to worry about doctor’s fees for a while.

2. I’ve applied for this weekend to earn some extra money for Christmas.

3. My firm has agreed to change my . It’s five years old and it broke down twice last year.

4. I get 15% on every insurance policy I sell. That’s on top of my regular monthly .

5. The bank offers a to all employees after they have been working there for five years.


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