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Complete the English translations. Some words have been written to help you. The first one has been done for you.


1. Me llamo José Fernández. Soy Director de Exportaciones
José Fernández. ' export

2. Trabajo para Grindex. Estamos especializados en las fotocopiadoras.
Grindex. photocopiers.


3. ¿Podría hablar con el Señor Watson, por favor?
put to Mr Watson, ?

4. ¿Podría decirle que me llame, por favor?
ask call , ?

5. Llamaré más tarde.

6. Perdone, no le oigo bien.
, you.

7. ¿Podría hablar más despacio, por favor?
, please?


Listen Listen and repeat.

Write the following words and phrases in the correct column. Follow the examples.

import duty / road freight / containers  / port of arrival / bill of exchange
surcharge / loading bay / crates / barrels / insurance premium / airport / drums
customs officer / letter of credit / import licence / sales invoice / freight rate
bill of lading / cases / air freight / air waybill / insurance broker / boxes / docks
port of origin / rail freight / specific duty / sea freight / sacks / insurance certificate
warehouse /
certificate of value and origin / freight forwarding agent



Choose the best option, a), b) or c)

1. When two companies decide to join together, this is called a

   a) welding
   b) merger
   c) conglomerate

2. The business of a company that carries loads on trains or lorries is called

   a) migration
   b) transgression
   c) freight

3. The organisation that negotiates with the management for the workers is the

   a) syndicate
   b) group security
   c) union

4. If a company "cuts jobs" it has fewer

   a) working hours
   b) public holidays
   c) workers

5. Extra money for doing extra work is called

   a) overtime
   b) clocking on
   c) value added time (VAT)

6. Until a company needs something, it stores it in a

   a) deposit
   b) depot
   c) deposition

7. A company that has a specialised product or service has a

   a) product margin
   b) turnover
   c) market niche

8. When one company takes control of another it’s called

   a) a comb over
   b) a takeover
   c) an overtake

9. A company which has a lot of money in the bank has

   a) an overdraft
   b) a money order
   c) a cash pile

10. One way for a company to raise a lot of money is to

   a) issue shares
   b) purchase shares
   c) diversify shares


Match the words to make common business expressions. Follow the example.




Now complete the following sentences with an expression from the previous exercise.

1. I’m looking forward to when my private pension matures in six years time.

2. Our this year will be held in New York. All department heads are invited and all expenses will be paid by the company.

3. Buying property along the coast is a . Especially accommodation with a sea view.

4. We need eight for our new plastics factory in Ireland. Jane, could you please advertise the positions and set up interviews for the end of the month?

5. We have a of products on sale all over the States.

6. If we manage to get out of our , we may be able to invest in new machinery next year.

Listen Listen to check.


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