1. With a Internet connection I can download songs and films easily on the Internet.
2. Luis and Craig are working on the of their new product. They have the infrastructure to get the product to their customers, but they’re not sure how to advertise it yet.
3. I bought my Mum a DVD player for Christmas. She takes it with her wherever she goes.
4. An Intranet is a computer connected , like a smaller version of the Internet, which helps communication and connects departments inside a large company or organisation.
5. The cost of in some countries is high because of the poor transport system.
6. Since my Dad installed a new ‘smart’ for home security, we’ve been burgled twice and had one fire.
7. When the Backstreet Boys play live in Liverpool next week, more than 100,000 people are expected to on the city centre.
8. Because of the advances in technology, more and more have Internet access.