Terry: How’s things at college, Steph? Are you taking any new classes?

Steph: Yeah, I'm taking another really interesting course called Business and the Web. We're learning all about ,y’know, buying and selling on the Web, and also how new technology developments will affect the way we buy, sell and things in the future.

Terry: You’re bloody amazing. Steph! You’re always pushing yourself to learn new things and take more courses. So what’s this one about?

Steph: Well, I think it really is one of the most useful courses I've had so far. This term, we’re studying and how that's going to affect the development of Internet and eventually online business. We’ve had several lectures on the importance of mobile phones and several new kinds of computers and other electronic which are based on related technologies.

Terry: That sounds like really up-to-date stuff. What other areas will you be covering?

Steph: We're going to discuss Internet connections, like , which allow us to exchange information more quickly. And from there, we will focus on how Internet, TV, radio and telephone technologies are all starting to come together.

Terry: Yeah, I heard about that one on the radio. But how does that relate to online business?

Steph: As these technologies converge in the near future, a new high-speed will develop which will be perfect for the of products and services online. The marketing possibilities are endless.

Terry: Yeah, so is your energy. Do you fancy a coffee?

Steph: Come on then, I’ve got ten minutes before my class starts.

to converge = to come together and become one thing
device = aparato
broadband/high bandwidth = banda ancha
network = una red
portable = can be carried or moved
wireless communications = forms of electronic communication which do not use wires