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Complete the fax below with words from the box. Follow the example.

quarterly / invoice / details / further / warehouse / quoted
crates / consignment / at sight / mutual / reserve


Ramos Muebles S.A.
Calle Doctor Frig 38
Telephone: +34 91 285 4837
Fax: +34 91 285 4957

To: Guy Roper, Sales Department, TimberMill Inc.
From: Miguel Sanz, Purchasing Department
Date: 18th November
Subject: Our order no. RM3859

Dear Guy,

to our telephone conversation of 16th November, we are sending of our order No. RM3859 for office furniture.

As agreed, the will be sent by sea. the furniture will be wrapped in protective bubble-wrap and packed in . Transport will be by container ship.

We expect delivery of the goods within four weeks, and the right to refuse goods delivered after that time. Delivery should be made to our main storage in Madrid.

The prices on your web page are CIF Barcelona. We will pay by irrevocable letter of credit . Would you please send copies of the shipping documents and your for my attention.

As discussed on the phone, we shall make payments for future shipments, the first payment to be made before December 31st.

If any items are not available in the wood specified, we are willing to accept alternative combinations subject to agreement


You work for Olympus, a fitness centre in Barcelona, Spain. Write a fax to Ms. Sandra Williams, Energy Fitness Machines Inc., California. You have agreed the following information by phone and you are sending a covering fax with the order. This is your first order with this company.

Your covering fax should include:

• Order number: SP3957
• Model and reference: Skywalker S500 (indoor walking machines)
• Number of units: 12
• Unit price: $1490
• Agreed discount: 8%
• Net amount due: $16,449.60
• Pay (bank transfer) on receipt of shipping documents.
• The machines must be packed carefully and shipped by air or rail to Boston.
• You will not accept delivery if the machines do not arrive within four weeks.
• Ask for their latest catalogue and price list of fitness equipment.

Use the following words and expressions:

• Further to our recent telephone conversation,
• Please find enclosed our order No...
• The goods should be packed...
• As we agreed in our telephone conversation,...
• Please pack/send the goods/consignment...
• We expect...
• We reserve the right not to accept delivery...
• We agree to make payment by...
• Would you please be kind enough to forward a copy of...
• We look forward to doing business with you in the future.


Olympus Fitness Centre
Plaza Sacrat 45
Barcelona, 48375

Telephone: +34 93 660 8473
Fax: +34 93 660 8474

To: Energy Fitness Machines Inc
From: Carlos Gil Alvaro,
Date: 15th June

Dear ,

Check with a sample FAX Answers

An order letter, also known as a purchase order or PO, is the first letter of a specific purchase. The objective is to provide the vendor with detailed instructions for completing an order. It also serves as a legal record of the transaction and should be written with care.

1. Make you instructions clear and accurate.
2. Do not write unnecessary information. Make sure you say when you expect delivery and how you are going to pay.
3. First, write a list of points you want to include in your letter.
4. Put the points in order and join them with correct linking expressions. Use paragraphs to make your letter clear and easy to read.
5. Check the letter and make any changes you think necessary (in vocabulary, grammar, content, spelling, sentence structure and punctuation). Imagine you are receiving the letter. Are the instructions clear? Have you used formal or informal language?
6. Finally, check the opening and concluding paragraphs. The opening paragraph should explain why you have written the letter. The concluding paragraph should clearly say what action you expect from the person who receives the letter.

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