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Read the following definitions and match them with the appropriate word. The first one has been done for you.

Example: A person who has shares (acciones) in a company and is therefore a member of the company.
1. A situation where a person or an organisation has enough shares (often more than 50%) in a company to say how it should be run.
2. The percentage rate used by banks when discounting bills of exchange.
3. The combining of two or more organisations, usually to share costs, increase efficiency and avoid competition.
4. A business activity in which two or more people or organisations work together.
5. A major section of an organisation.
6. A number of similar businesses belonging to the same company.


Listen Listen and repeat.

Do the same as the previous exercise with the following six definitions.

1. The closing of a company that has stopped trading, usually because it has gone bankrupt.
2. Money paid to a worker for work done.
3. The money gained in a business deal.
4. A list of products sold or services received that says how much you must pay.
5. A document showing that something has been paid for.
6. Something obtained, especially a company that has been bought or taken over.


Listen Listen and repeat.

Read the following text about an international language school and choose the most suitable word or phrase for each space.

, the world’s biggest language school, increased its net earnings by almost 16% during its 4th quarter to 31st January. This was due to a large increase in its international . In early trading on the BME (the Spanish stock exchange), the shares rose by 79 cents.

Cybermansion is in the early stages of its programme. In December, it entered The North American market with the of an American language school chain, SpeakEasy. in other parts of the world, in particular Central and South America, has contributed to its profits. It has done well in Argentina and Mexico, having bought a in the Interlenguage chain last March.

Cybermansion has schools in Mexico, Peru and Chile, and has or franchises in Venezuela and Columbia.

In its market, Spain, it has opened more cyber-schools, which combine the technology of multi media and the internet with traditional classroom teaching. These cyber-schools are at customers who want to learn with technology, and who also look for personal contact with teachers and other students.

The school’s international is planning to add about 100 more schools to the 730 it already has worldwide. It will continue to be on the lookout for suitable acquisitions in markets.

In Spain, the company plans to add $1.2 million worth of the latest computer technology to its impressive modern of language schools.


Read the text again two or three times and try to remember as many words as possible.

Minimize this window so that you cannot see the text. Listen and try to say the word immediately after the pause.
Listen Minimiza esta ventana para que no puedas leer el texto. Escucha e intenta pronunciar la palabra tras la pausa.

Listen Now listen again and read the text. Repeat the transcription to practise pronunciation. Focus on the pronunciation of new words.

Stock exchange (Bolsa de valores)
A market where securities (valores) are bought and sold. In the USA, the New York Stock Exchange is the largest exchange and in the UK, the London Stock Exchange is the largest.

FTSE 100 Index (FOOTSIE)
An index of the share prices of the 100 largest companies in the UK.

Dow Jones
One of the main USA share indices which monitors the movement of 30 industrial companies traded on the New York Stock Exchange.
The Dow Jones Industrial Average has just been joined by a new index, the Dow Jones Total Market Index, which covers a much broader range of companies.

New York Stock Exchange (NYSE)
The world's largest stock exchange with well over 3,000 companies listed. The NYSE is a totally international exchange, with nearly 400 non-American companies listed.

The first electronic stock market, which uses computers and telecommunications to trade shares rather than a traditional trading floor. NASDAQ is owned and operated by the National Association of Securities Dealers (NASD). It is the fastest growing major stock market in the world with well over 5,000 companies listed.

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