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Complete the table. Follow the example.


Listen Listen and repeat.

Choose the best word for each space. Follow the example.

Example: As far as I’m concerned, if we want to in this market, we have to more.

1. Our trust the quality of our product, and that’s why we are market leaders.
2. I think that we should increase our in Eastern Europe.
3. According to the market that has been done on the younger group, our new product line should sell very well.
4. Our French phoned yesterday and would like to us to have a meeting next month.
5. We simply have to launch the of our summer collection before the end of the month or we’ll be beaten by our .
6. We’ve decided to run our new TV for 6 weeks in June and July.
7. Chocolate in Europe has increased by 17% over the last 4 years.Answers
8. Detroit, Michigan used to be the most important centre of motor car in the world.

Listen Listen and repeat.

Complete the following sentences and questions with the best word or expression. Follow the example.

Example: In the software market, Microsoft sells more than any other brand of software. It has the highest market .

1. I think that the unique selling of the Volvo car is safety.
2. In the UK, Tesco is the market among the main supermarket chains.
3. We are convinced that Calvin Klein’s new of underwear has caused a sensation in the fashion world.
4. What do we know about our ?
5. It’s my view that we are experiencing some competition from other companies.
6. Let’s not forget that It’s important to the imagination of our potential customers.Answers
7. Outdoor advertising (on buses, bus stops, billboards etc) is one of the fastest-growing .
8. In 2004, internet shopping increased by 36%. Market was incredible.

Listen Listen and repeat.

Match the following words with their definitions. Follow the example.

All the activities which support and encourage the sale of a product, including advertising.
An organization that designs and manages advertising campaigns.
When famous people recommend a product.
The consumer buys a product and is recommended to buy another product which goes with it.
A small amount of the product for the consumer to try at no cost.
A series of advertisements for a particular product, service or company.
Where companies pay all or some of the costs of sporting events, concerts etc.


Listen Listen and repeat.

Put each of the following words or phrases in its correct place in the text.

Advertisements are all around us. In newspapers and magazines, TV and radio, on the internet and coming through our letter boxes at home. From columns of small for houses, cars and jobs, to on bus shelters and at train stations. Huge advertisements on at the side of the road and on major motorways and city centres. The job of the is to the products and services of the firms that employ them. They design advertisements and make television to us to buy, invest, rent and generally spend our money. We like to think that we are not by advertising, and that we make our own decisions when and what to buy. How much are you affected by advertising?

Listen Listen to check.


Listen Listen again, read the text and repeat.

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