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Match the following words to make business collocations.

1. market       Answers
2. rival    
3. unique    
4. competitive    
5. lower    

Listen Listen and repeat.

Which of the above expressions means:

1. To bring the price down

2. A company or product with the largest market share

3. Una ventaja competitiva

4. Companies which are in competition with your company

5. Very special advantages

Listen Listen and repeat.

Match the following words and phrases to the definitions.

Cartel / Price fixing / To have an edge over the competition
To corner the market / Deregulation / To be ahead of the competition

When a government removes controls in order to increase competition.
To be more successful than any other company at selling a particular type of product or service.
A group of manufacturers who combine to stop competition and increase profits.
An unfair arrangement to keep the cost high.
To have a small advantage over your competitors.
To be in a better position than rival firms.


Listen Listen and repeat.

Choose the best answer from the list.

1. When you buy from the manufacturer or from a company’s catalogue you are

2. If sales of a particular product cannot go any higher, we say that sales have

3. Large shops which sell a variety of different products are called

4. A very important part of your market is called a

5. The market within a particular country is its

6. Something that makes a customer want to buy a product is a

7. If a lot of people know your product, it has

8. People who regularly buy your product are your

9. If you have a monopoly, you have

10. The name and logo on a product combine to make its

11. When one company drives another company out of a market, it

12. When a company starts selling in a market for the first time, we say that it

Complete the following sentences with a word or phrase from the following list.

unique benefits / price fixing / cornered the market
market leader / be ahead of the competition / lower costs

1. Microsoft is the in computer software applications.

2. In 2004, Monsanto were accused of in the genetically modified food market.

3. By re-locating production to Asian and South American countries, companies can and make a larger profit.

4. Napster, once the most popular illegal music sharing service, seems to have in telephone ringtone sales.

5. People who have a good knowledge of English will when looking for a job in the marketing sector.

6. For the special introductory price of $48, you will be able to enjoy the of our range of skin care products.

Listen Listen to check.


to put sth on the market - sacar algo al mercado
to take sth off the market - retirar algo de la venta
to find a market for sth - encontrar ur mercado para algo
to corner the market - monopolizar, acaparar el mercado
to find a ready market - encontrar un mercado idóneo

Advertising has created an international market for many items, especially trademarked and labelled goods.

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