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“An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest”
Benjamin Franklin

Match the words. Follow the example.

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Match the words with definitions. Follow the example.

A list of securities owned by an individual or financial institution.
The financial return on a stock on a 'per share' basis expressed as a percent of its market value.
To rise, fall or shift in an irregular motion.
A payment to corporate stockholders from that company's earnings.
Part of a company’s money that is raised by selling ordinary shares.
When a company buys another company.
An economic asset with physical properties.
An Increase in the owner’s equity.


Listen Listen and repeat.

Choose the best option for each sentence. Follow the example.

Example: A company or investment is reliable, low-risk and unlikely to lose money.

1. The of a company are its cash and other assets which a company can change quickly into cash.

2. People get from investments they have and property they own instead of from working.

3. In the US, a/an is an organisation which sells shares to the public and invests money in different businesses. In the UK, this is called a unit trust.

4. A is a place where company shares are bought and sold.

5. A is someone who is buying their first house or apartment.

6. are securities issued by the government which have a fixed interest which is paid at regular intervals. In the US they are called treasury bonds.

7. If a company is , it means its shares can be traded on the stock market.

8. A is a period when prices of shares are generally rising.

9. A is a period when the price of shares is falling in the market, and people are selling their shares.

10. securities are low risk investments which pay steady, regular interest.

11. An is a thing owned by a company that does not have a physical substance, such as a trade mark, patents, copyright or a good reputation for service, quality etc.

12. The (or current capital) of a company is money or stock which is immediately available for business use.

13. A is a fund that is established for the payment of retirement benefits.


Listen Listen and repeat.

Read the following text and chose the most suitable word or expression.

Development banks are international lending groups. They money to developing countries to help fuel economic growth and social progress. They are not of the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund or the United Nations. The money comes from member countries and borrowing on world markets.

Development banks provide long-term at market rates. They provide even longer-term at below market interest rates. These banks also provide technical assistance and advice.

There are four main ones. The is the Inter-American Development Bank in Washington, D.C. It began in nineteen fifty-nine. President Juscelino Kubitschek of Brazil had proposed a bank to aid economic growth in the Americas. The Organization of American States agreed.

Today the bank is over one hundred thousand million dollars. It holds only four percent of that. The other money is guaranteed by its members.

Forty-seven countries around the world the bank. The United States thirty percent as the largest . Twenty-six countries in Latin America and the Caribbean borrow from the bank.

The African Development Bank has its in an agreement signed in Sudan in nineteen sixty-three. It is based in Abidjan, Ivory Coast.

There are twenty-four members in the Americas, Europe and Asia in addition the fifty-three in Africa. The country with the most votes in the bank is Nigeria, followed as of July by the United States, Japan and Egypt.

The Asian Development Bank started in nineteen sixty-six. It is in Manila, in the Philippines. There are sixty-three members, mostly in Asia. Like all development banks, it is supervised by a of Governors.

Traditionally the bank president is Japanese. Japan and the United States were equally the top shareholders at the end of last year, followed by China, India and Australia. The bank says Indonesia has borrowed the most, but China, Pakistan and India have also been major borrowers in years.

The newest of the four main development banks is the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. It openedAnswers in nineteen ninety-one as the Soviet Union broke . The main office is in London. The United States is the largest shareholder. The bank was to support economic growth and democracy in Central Europe.

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