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“There are two kinds of people, those who do the work and those who take the credit. Try to be in the first group; there is less competition there.”
Indira Gandhi

Read the following job advertisements and write the words from each list in the correct spaces in the texts.

contact / outgoing / hard work
conditions / suit /
kitchen staff

Our popular city wine bar in central London is looking for bar staff, waiters/waitresses and .

We can offer good salaries and to enthusiastic and applicants who are not afraid of .

The vacancies would students or applicants with previous catering experience.

To arrange an interview, David on 0848 497 8348 or email:

responsible / team / attractive / report
health benefits / successful candidate / experience

Schlonsberg PLC
Assistant Management Accountant Required

This German electronics company, based in Dublin, Ireland requires an Assistant Management Accountant to
to the Financial Controller. You will be for the full accounts of a major contract. This will include cash flow, P&L, balance sheet reconciliations, foreign currency and reporting of key KPIs.
will have at least five years accounting plus the ability to work as part of a .
We offer an
salary, full and pension scheme.
Apply to: Hans Schmitt


contract / willing / skills / candidates
growth / full training / part / package

Budweiser, London
Regional Impact Team Member

Anheuser-Busch is best known in the UK for Budweiser, which is the top-selling bottled beer in bars and restaurants.

The continued success and
of Anheuser-Busch brands has led to the following opportunities:

Budweiser Regional Impact Team (BRIT) member - (12 month fixed term
If you can describe yourself as confident, dynamic, resourceful and
to work hard, then you may have what it takes to work in one of our Budweiser Impact Teams.

Your role will include building creative displays and playing an integral
in running promotions in Bars and Pubs across your area. Using your initiative, enthusiasm and creative , you will ensure that Budweiser remains the King of Beers!

You must be willing to sacrifice your social life as BRIT members are expected to work evenings and weekends.
will be given.

We are offering a great
including the following:

  • Up to £18.5k per annum
  • Incentives and an Annual Bonus
  • Company car - Mini Cooper!

If you wish to apply for the above, please email your CV and a covering letter stating your current salary and the above job reference to
Please note that all successful
will be required to undertake a pre-employment drug test. Drug testing is a continuing process and random testing is a condition of employment with Anheuser-Busch Europe Ltd.

Now read a response to one of the previous job advertisements. Choose the best word for each space. Follow the example.

Dear Mr. Schmitt,

Assistant Management Accountant REF: AMA45

Your advertisement for the above has interested me very much and I would like to apply.

As you will see from my CV, I currently the post of assistant management accountant for Michelin, Belgium. I have been in my job in Antwerp for six years and I am to move back to Dublin where I have family.

During the last six years at Michelin, I have steadily increased my area of to include seven of the eleven major international accounts, and a number of important domestic clients. In addition to the job requirements in your advertisement, I also speak fluent French which would facilitate communications with your main micro chip supplier based in Lyons.

With my proven ability to manage key client accounts and work productively and imaginatively within a large international team, I feel that I would be able to make a significant contribution to your company's accountancy management division.

I look forward having the opportunity of meeting you, and I would be happy to attend an interview in Dublin at your convenience.

Yours ,

                     Darren Parkinson

Read a response to another of the previous job advertisements. Choose the best word for each space. Follow the example.

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing your advertisement on the internet for Budweiser Regional Impact Team (BRIT) member in the London area.

I am currently working assistant bar/cellar man at the Frog and Kettle Pub, Chigwell, Essex, and an annual salary of £13K.

my 18 months at the Frog and Kettle, I have initiated, and organised quiz nights, live entertainment, charity sports events and fancy dress parties, all of which have generated an increase in profits and a rise in the popularity of the pub.

I would consider it a wonderful opportunity to be part of the Budweiser promotional team, and I am confident that I to promote Budweiser’s reputation as the King of Beers!

I am available for an interview at your , and I look forward from you in the near future.

Yours ,

                      Barry Simmons

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