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The Royal Palm Hotel is a small, family-run 3 star hotel situated in Bournemouth on the South coast of England. The hotel was opened in 1995 and is popular with both domestic and foreign tourists. It has a reputation for being an intimate, friendly hotel with an excellent restaurant and helpful staff.

Last year the Royal Palm secured business from a main Spanish tour operator which translates into a 30% increase in guests during the summer season, and around 20% over Easter, Christmas and the New Year. This has resulted in the need to employ more full-time and part-time staff.

Read the following advertisement that the hotel has placed in the national press and trade magazines:


This privately owned and directed 3 star hotel with 42 bedrooms requires an experienced Hotel Receptionist, someone who is used to handling pressure in a busy environment. The successful applicant will be a well presented, mature person of outgoing personality who is computer literate. Spanish an advantage.

Duties over a 40 hour, 5/ 7 day week, shifts (normally 7-3 and 3-11) will include:
Enquiries and reservations of all types; bedrooms,
Restaurants, outside Catering
Guest billing, daily balancing of books & revenues
An excellent salary plus 4 weeks paid holiday per annum
A less experienced candidate may be considered (full training given).
Please telephone (0169) - 273968 to arrange an initial interview with
Simon Fitzgerald, Duty Manager
References must be provided.
The position is live out.

Study the details of four applicants and decide which candidate is best for the position of hotel receptionist.

Which person is best for the position of hotel receptionist?.
Chose the most suitable candidate.

Now listen to the candidates being interviewed. Do you want to change your mind?

Listen   Listen   Listen   Listen

Listen to the interviews again and choose the best answer a), b) or c)


1. Gina got her job at the Gecko Guest House

  a) while studying for her university degree.
  b) while she was at the Regency hotel in London.
  c) on the beach in Bali.

2. Gina says that the Regency Hotel in London is ‘totally up-to-date’ . Does this mean

  a) It has been decorated in a modern style.
  b) It has the latest technological applications.
  c) The staff do not always work the same days.

3. Gina speaks German well because

  a) she grew up in Germany.

  b) she learnt German at school and heard it spoken at home.
  c) she had a German boyfriend.


1. Bob thinks that working at a reception is like cooking because

  a) you can get satisfaction out of making people happy.
  b) you can get recommended to other people.
  c) you can get to taste people from all over the world.

2. Bob decided to go to the army when he left school

  a) to travel and find a direction in life.
  b) to get the qualifications he needed to go to university.
  c) to give people security socially.

3. Bob trained as a chef

  a) because contact with food stimulates him.
  b) so he would not have to fight in combat.
  c) after an accident in the army.


1. When Barry had the café/restaurant in London, his wife

  a) did the cleaning and the washing up.
  b) helped him manage the business.
  c) helped him close the business at 5 o’clock.

2. Barry’s restaurant wasn’t open for evening trade because

  a) he couldn’t sell beer or wine.
  b) he concentrated on morning and lunchtime customers.
  c) nobody stayed in the financial area of the city after 5pm.

3. Barry says “We’ve never had a problem as far as that’s concerned.” What does ‘that’ refer to?

  a) Agreeing who takes care of Barry’s children.

  b) Taking care of old and sick people.
  c) Dancing with his wife at home.


1. Sandra opened a bed and breakfast because

  a) her sister had connections in Rome.
  b) it was her father’s last request before he died.
  c) she had a big house and needed to pay the bank.

2. Sandra does not run the bed and breakfast now because

  a) her sister returned from abroad at the right time.
  b) she lives too far away.
  c) her husband, Luke, wanted her to take care of the children.

3. Sandra thinks she is the right person for the job because
  a) she doesn’t mind doing the cooking and the washing up.
  b) she understands what hotel customers are looking for.
  c) she knows a lot about computers.

Listen again and read the transcriptions.

Listen   Listen   Listen   Listen

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