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Example: get to my

1. take a taxi to
2. try to get some
3. confirm the
4. go through passport
5. wait in the departure
6. enjoy the in-flight
7. board the
8. queue at the
9. do some
the airport
check-in desk


Now complete the following text about Michelle with the expressions from the previous exercise.

When I go on a business trip, I always on the internet before I leave. I live about twenty minutes drive from the airport, so it’s easier for me to than to drive my own car and pay for parking. I like to arrive quite early when I fly so that I don’t have to for a long time.

Because I arrive early, I usually have time to before they call the flight and I .

While I I read a newspaper or magazine. I always like to watch other passengers and imagine why they are travelling and what kind of life they have.

AnswersFinally we are told to and during the flight I usually relax and . Unless I’m really tired, in which case I until the plane lands and I .

 1. get stuck
 2. collect your
 3. jump in
 4. go out for
 5. have an early
 6. go through
 7. check into your
 8. contact
 9. unpack
10. be met in
your things
a meal
in traffic
the office
a taxi


Read the continuation of Michelle’s business trip, and choose the best expression for each space.

As soon as I I and look for my name on the signs that people hold up in the arrivals hall. I am often by representatives of the company I’m visiting.

If there’s no-one there to meet me, I and go straight to the hotel. On a good day, if I’m lucky, I won’t . After I , I usually to see if there are any messages for me.

When I’m finally in my room and can relax, I and freshen up. I like to if I’m not too tired. It’s nice to get some fresh air and walk around a bit after dinner. I nearly always so that I’m ready for work the following day.


Listen Listen to Michelle and read the above texts.

Match the following responses with the captions below. Follow the example.

Nice to meet you. I’m Clive Stevens
Oh, already?. I hope we can meet again soon
Not at all. It’s been a pleasure.
Yes please, I’d love one.
Yes, very much, thanks.
Only a few days.
Yes, it’s wonderful!
That would be great, thanks.
Is there anything I can do to help?


Are you enjoying your
stay in Milan?


Would you like to meet for
a beer after the meeting?


You won’t believe this, but
we’ve got the Sony contract!


There are still a few things
left to do before we sign.


The food's quite good here,
isn't it?


Can I get you a coffee?




I really must be going


Thank's for everything


My name's
Peter González


Are you staying long?


Listen Listen Listen Listen Listen Listen to check


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