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Listen to three short conversations and decide if they take place a) in a restaurant, b) in an office, c) at the airport.

Listen   Listen   Listen

Complete the first conversation with words from the following list. There are three extra words which you do not need to use.

- Mrs. Martin: Excuse me, are you Mr. Brooks?

- Mr. Brooks: Yes, I am.
- Mrs. Martin: Oh, hello. It’s really to finally meet you.

- Mr. Brooks: Hello, Mrs. Martin. How are you?
- Mrs. Martin: I’m fine thank you. And you?
- Mr. Brooks: Very well, thank you.
- Mrs. Martin: So, did you have a good flight?
- Mr. Brooks: Well, we had an hour’s at London, Heathrow. Apart from that it was fine.
- Mrs. Martin: Oh good, good. So tell me, did you have any finding the office?
- Mr. Brooks: No, not at all. Your were very clear. I got a taxi straight from the hotel.
- Mrs. Martin: Is the comfortable?
- Mr. Brooks: Yes, very. I stayed there last time I was here.
- Mrs. Martin: Really? So, you’ve been to Hong Kong before?
- Mr. Brooks: Yes, a couple of years ago, but only for three days. This time I’m looking forward to doing some at the end of my trip.

Listen Listen to check

Complete the second conversation with expressions from the following list. There are two expressions which you do not need to use.

                ·it was fine
                ·thanks for coming to meet me
                ·sorry to keep you waiting
                ·that would be wonderful
                ·she sends he apologies
                ·you must be tired after your flight
                ·I managed to get some sleep on the plane

- Secretary: Well, yes, it is a very interesting city. Er… would you like some coffee while you’re waiting?.
- Mr. Williams: Oh, yes, please. Luckily, , but coffee would be fine.
- Secretary: How would you like it?
- Mr. Williams: With milk please, no sugar.
- Mr Stanton: Mr. Williams? Hi, I’m Jerry Stanton. .
- Mr. Williams: Mr Stanton, hello, How do you do?
- Mr Stanton: It’s good to finally meet you after so many emails and phone conversations. How was your flight?
- Mr. Williams: . No problems at all.
- Mr Stanton: And did you manage to find us all right?
- Mr. Williams: Oh yes, I got a taxi straight from the airport – it only took half an hour.
- Mr Stanton: Oh good. So… um… have you had lunch?
- Mr. Williams: Er… no, we only had breakfast on the plane, so I’m pretty hungry right now.
- Mr Stanton: OK. Well, there’s a very good place around the corner. Do you like Japanese food?
- Mr. Williams: Yes I do,.

Listen Listen to check

Complete the third conversation with expressions from the following list. There are two expressions which you do not need to use.

                ·So, how’s business?
                ·That sounds fine
                ·I understand that
                ·I appreciate it
                ·Shall I make a reservation at the Sheraton?
                ·not at all
                ·to relax and freshen up at the hotel
                ·You must be Mr Davies
                ·Pleased to meet you

- Mr Davies: Hello, I think you’re waiting for me.
- Donna :
- Mr Davies: Yes, that’s right. Please call me Alan.
- Donna: I’m Donna, Donna Murray..
- Mr Davies: It’s nice to meet you too, Donna. Thanks for coming to pick me up. .
- Donna: Oh, . Welcome to Brussels.
- Mr Davies: Thank you.
- Donna: Shall we go straight to the car? You must be keen to get to the hotel after such a long flight.
- Mr Davies: Yes, it was quite a long trip. the first meeting is at 4pm.
- Donna: That’s right, but you’ve got a couple of hours . I booked a table for 8 o’clock this evening for dinner. I hope that’s okay. John Franks is keen for you to meet our lawyer before we sign the contracts tomorrow.
- Mr Davies: Yes, of course. Are we having dinner straight after the meeting?
- Donna: Well, the meeting’s scheduled until six, so you’ll have time to change before dinner. We’ll meet you in your hotel bar around 7.45. The restaurant’s next to the hotel.
- Mr Davies: .
- Donna: Is this your first time in Brussels, Alan?
- Mr Davies: Yes, it is. Although I’ve been to Belgium a couple of times before….

Listen Listen to check

Listen to all three conversations again and read the transcriptions.

Listen   Listen   Listen

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