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Before you read a text on advice for business travellers, Match the phrasal verbs below with their Spanish translations. Follow the example.

Valer la pena /
dar buenos resultados
pasar el rato
ponerse al día
ponerse (peso)
quitarse (peso)


The first time you go away on business you feel as excited as a child at Christmas. You can escape from the office, sleep in a great hotel, eat in the best restaurants, and your company pays for everything!

But after a while the excitement disappears. You work more hours, not less. You get home exhausted and have to catch up on a thousand emails and a mountain of dirty washing.

However, business travel is part of the job for many corporate employees. Here are a few points which may make life on the road, and in the air, a bit easier.

1. Make sure you know exactly what you are allowed to put on your company’s expenses. Some companies won’t allow you to take a taxi to the airport. Others won’t pay for your lunch because you normally buy it yourself when you’re in the office. Be especially careful of using hotel phones, which can be ridiculously expensive.

2. Keep a bag packed and ready in your wardrobe. You never know when you’re going to need to travel at short notice. Pack a suit and comfortable business shoes, toiletries, medicine, business cards, and modem and accessories for your laptop.

3. Print hard copies of important papers and contracts. Technology is wonderful, but it can let you down badly on a business trip. Make sure you travel with paper and virtual copies of important files.

4. Ask colleagues at your office to help you by looking after things while you’re away. Set up your e-mail and voicemail systems with an out of the office message complete with emergency contact information.

5. Pack important items in your carry-on bag. Your suitcase probably won’t get lost, but it’s a good idea to have a change of underwear, a clean shirt and your toilet bag with you at all times.

6. Plan your trip carefully and go over your schedule to make sure you know where you’re supposed to be at all times and how you’re going to get there. Leave enough time in between each appointment so that you can get from one place to the next without getting stressed.

7. It’s better to wear clothes which are too formal than too casual. When you’re attending meetings in a different country, it’s better to wear a suit when everyone else is wearing jeans, than vice versa. Pack your clothes carefully and use the iron in your hotel room if you need to.

8. Keep in touch with your office while you’re away. Send your boss an email or make a quick phone call, even if there’s not much to report.

9. Log on at the hotel and try to check your emails at least once a day. This way you stay informed, your boss is happy and you won’t have thousands of emails waiting for you when you get back.

10. Take advantage of the hotel’s fitness centre. Exercise is a great way to relieve stress and take off those extra kilos you’ve put on from the hotel breakfast buffet. Don’t forget to pack your sports clothes!

11. When you arrive in a new time zone, set your watch and mobile phone immediately to the new time. Also, don’t rely on either your alarm clock or the hotel’s wake up call. Use both to make sure you wake up on time.

12. Try to fly during business hours and avoid the ‘red-eye’ night flight. Use the time in the plane to relax and rest. It’s better to arrive fresh and awake than tired and stressed.

13. Do you know anyone who lives in the city? Use evenings to catch up with friends and relatives. This gives you a chance to get away from your business associates and hang out with people who won’t be talking about work.

14. Stay a couple of extra days and see the city. If your company is paying for you to fly to a place you’ve never visited, why not stay the weekend and do some sightseeing?

15. Make sure you have a frequent flyer account. Frequent flyer miles are the best way to make your business travel pay off. And if your business credit card is linked to a frequent flyer program also, you could be flying to Paris or Hawaii for a free holiday sooner than you imagined!

Read the text again and answer the following questions.

1. Why may it not be a good idea to use hotel telephones?

2. Another word for ‘colleague’ in point 4 is

  a) partner
  b) workmate
  c) companion

3. Why is it a good idea to put clean clothes and important items in your carry-on bag?

4. If you don’t know the dress code of the country you’re going to, you should

  a) wear a suit.
  b) wear jeans.
  c) wear anything that has been ironed.

5. The expression ‘keep in touch’ in point 8. means

  a) try to do as much office work as you can while you are travelling.
  b) be extra friendly with your boss.
  c) stay in contact.

6. Why should you not depend on either your alarm clock or the hotel’s wake up call?

7. True or false? It’s a good idea to fly at night and save time.

8. If you save your ‘frequent flyer’ miles, you could

  a) win a holiday to Hawaii.Answers
  b) get free air travel.
  c) save money on your credit card.

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