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Before you listen to an interview about culture in the business world, match the following words. Follow the example.

To take       Answers
To switch off    
To raise    
To come    
To hand over    
To give    
To develop    

Now choose the best answer, a), b) or c)

1. If a person bows, they

  a) disagree politely with someone.
  b) smile when they are introduced.
  c) show respect by lowering their head.

2. When you try to fit in too many things at a meeting, you

  a) are wearing too many clothes.
  b) are trying to do too much in a short space of time.
  c) are not listening to the other people at the meeting.

3. People who rush

  a) are not being polite/considerate.
  b) are moving/doing things too quickly.
  c) are being sensitive to the needs/wishes of their business partners.

4. To cheat in Spanish is

  a) engañar.
  b) cerrar un trato.
  c) comprar a buen precio.

5. A fast buck means

  a) making money quickly.
  b) an expensive sports car.
  c) a clever lawyer.




Many of us are involved with business at a global level these days, but our interaction still needs to be local, especially for the business traveller who has to deal face-to-face with colleagues, partners and competitors abroad.
What works in business at home does not always work overseas. Listen to an interview with Penny Worth who talks about the way cultural can affect business behaviour.


Listen Listen and decide which of the following Penny talks about?


Listen Listen again and answer the following True or False questions.

1. Because of globalisation, more and more people are coming into contact with different cultures.
2. Culture is like an iceberg because both can be dangerous.
3. When meeting someone from a Chinese culture, you should give a business card with your left hand.
4. Many people have business cards printed in English to avoid translation mistakes.
5. If you answer your mobile phone during a meeting, people will think you are popular and successful.
6. Mobile phones with cameras can be considered a security risk in some companies.
7. In the U.S., more emphasis is placed on contracts than trust.
8. People from Scandinavia and China prefer to do business with friends and family.


Listen Listen again and read the transcription.

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