- Itís 889 euros for four days. Including insurance and unlimited mileage.
- Thatís fine. Is it manual or automatic?
- Automatic sir. The tank is full and it runs on diesel not petrol.
- And.. what time do I have to bring it back on Friday?
- Before midday sir. If I could have your credit card and driverís licence?
- Yes, of course. Here you are.

- Can I help you sir?
- Yes, good morning. I have a reservation for three nights. The nameís Johnson.
- Just a moment sir, ah yes here we are Mr. Johnson. Youíre here for the conference.
- Yes, thatís right.
- Thereís a champagne reception at 5 oíclock in the Princess Suite, Mr. Johnson. If youíd like to follow Richard, heíll take your baggage and show you to your room. The elevator is just over there.
- Thank you very much.

- What does the duck come with?
- Wild rice and the chefís special vegetable orange dressing.
- I must say it sounds rather good, but I think Iíll go for the fillet.
- How would you like it, sir?
- Medium rare please. And can you send a bottle of champagne to the ladies on the next table and put it on my bill?
- Right away, sir.

- Excuse me, could you tell me when weíll be landing?
- In about 25 minutes, sir.
- Itís just that I donít want to miss my connection and we were delayed for nearly an hour in Washington.
- What time is your connecting flight, sir?
- Itís at 16:30. KLM to Amsterdam.
- Let me see if we can radio ahead to let them know youíre on the plane, sir.
- Thatís very kind of you. Thank you so much.

- Hello. Do you sell octopus cards?
- Iím sorry?
- Octopus cards. I was told that an octopus travel card is good for the bus, train and ferry.
- Ah yes. We have 50, 75 and 100 dollars.
- Iíll have a 50 dollar one please. And can you tell me how to get to Kowloon station?
- Yes sir, go down the stars over on the left there to the tube and take the Airport Express direct to Kowloon.
- Thank you very much.
- Youíre welcome.