1. Please stand still for a minute because I want to see how many of us are here.
2. When I was at school we had to learn pages and pages of poetry by heart.
3. I read somewhere that 90% of people tend to form an impression about someone during the first three minutes of meeting them for the first time.
4. If you would only give Philip Johnson an opportunity to use his imagination, I think youíll be impressed with his ability to find us new clients in the private sector.
5. Itís taken us five years to build a relationship with Sony, and Iím not sure I want to take any risks at this point.
6. If you donít vary your voice when you speak in public, you could put your audience to sleep.
7. Itís important to bear in mind where and when youíre going to be giving your presentation.
8. These days email is probably the most common means of communication.