1. When young people leave school itís a good idea to open a bank .
2. In some countries you can get a better of exchange if you change money on the street.
3. I usually eat lunch in our company restaurant because the meals are by the firm and itís much cheaper than going out for lunch.
4. Excuse me, have you got for the cigarette machine?
5. When Iím on a business trip, I have to keep all the for everything I buy. If I donít, I canít get my money back.
6. If Iím overdrawn at the end of the month, the bank are very high.
7. When they sold the company it was $12 million in
8. A colleague of mine in San Paulo was a lot of money for not paying his income tax.
9. The euro has fallen in against the yen.
10. Weíre thinking of opening another shop, but Iíll need to ask my bank manager for a .
11. Donít forget that if you order more than eight machines, we can offer a of 12%.
12. Would you mind giving us of how much itís going to cost?
13. Our accountant has advised us to money in a Dutch company which is based in Beijing.
14. Have you seen the email asking us to cut down on travelling and restaurant ?
15. You are welcome to use and distribute our products, but we do charge a small licence .