Iíve got an account at my local of Barclays, which is one of the main banks in the UK. Iíve got a which I use for paying bills, writing cheques and paying by . Itís a which means that my husband John uses it also.

Weíve usually got some money in this account, because my salary gets paid into it, so weíre normally . But sometimes at the end of the month, if we spend a lot of money, we . This means that the bank agrees an , and us some money until my salary gets paid. The problem with this is that the bank charges a high rate of .
John and I also have a special account where we can keep money for a long time. Itís called a or savings account. We use this to save up for holidays or any unexpected that might come up.
Weíve also got a which is very useful for buying expensive items, travelling abroad and shopping on the internet. If we pay off the card every month we donít get any interest. We have to be careful because itís very easy to pay with , and you have to pay the bank a lot of interest if you money on the card.
We also have a which we pay off every month. This is a special that the bank gave us to help us buy our house.