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How would you interrupt someone, and prevent someone from interrupting you, during a meeting in English? Choose from the following lists.

Cough* Shout Loudly!
Put your hand up Keep talking and don't stop to listen
Say the name of the speaker Look at the person angrily
Say 'Errrr...' Put your open hand up like a policeman stopping the traffic
Start speaking before the other person has finished Don't make eye contact with the other speaker
*Cough = toser

Write the following expressions in the correct group. Follow the examples.


Listen Listen and repeat.

If you tell people you are going to say more than one thing or make more than one point, they may be less likely to interrupt you.

For Example:

- There are two points I’d like to make. Firstly,…
- I have two things to say. To begin with…

Listen Listen to a meeting at Sparksushi Electronics and tick the expressions you hear in the list below.

Could I just finish what I was saying?
If I could just finish…
Please, let me finish
Can I come back to that in a minute?
There are two points I’d like to make. Firstly,…
I have two things to say. To begin with…

Can I say something?
Can I come in here?
Just a minute
Sorry to interrupt you, but
Hang on a second.


Listen Listen to the meeting again and complete the transcription.

- The main point on the agenda is whether or not we should into the audio market, and I’d like to hear your on this. But first of all, can you give us the background, Simon?

- Yes, as you all know, we are already selling audio products under Tabitchi’s brand name, and although we had positive sales figures for the last three quarters, this quarter has by 21%…

- How does that affect our overall profit, Simon?

- Can I come back to that in a minute, Sarah?

- Sure.

- So, based on our success with Tabitchi’s products, I believe it’s time to put our own on these products.

- Can I come in here, Simon. Don’t we have a contract with Tabitchi for three years?

- Yes, but it doesn’t state exclusivity. There’s absolutely no reason why we can’t continue under Tabitchi, and market ….

- Tabitchi aren’t going to like that!

- …..and market our own products at the same time. Now, looking at it seems that…..

- Can I say something?

- Sarah?

- Our contract with Tabitchi is worth nearly 3 million Euros a year. I was just wondering if it’s a good idea to go in
with them.

- Look, we have to the at some stage, Sarah, and we still have two years to run on the contract. Two years is a long time in the digital audio business.

- Yes, but hang on a second….

- Please, let me finish. Now, production costs are not as high as you might think, if we….


Listen Listen again and read the complete transcription.

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