1. I donít have my accountantís number with me, but Iíll it when I get home and Iíll you.
2. Itís not easy to to the hospital. The lineís always busy.
3. Iím afraid I canít hear you, can you please?
4. Just a moment sir, Iím you to our sales department.
5. Hello, itís me again, I think we got .
6. This is a terrible connection. Look, why donít you and Iíll you .
7. Iím afraid Mr. Gomez isnít at his desk at the moment. If youíd like to for a moment, Iíll see if I can find him.
8. I wish someone would the phone. Itís been ringing for ages.

ŅCůmo puedo desactivar el bloqueo de anuncios en La Mansiůn del Inglťs?